Fortress Information Security recently announced a partnership with the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) to focus on developing an enterprise cybersecurity model and a suite of voluntary standards to address cyber risks in uncrewed systems and robotics.

Fortress AUVSI Partnership Goals

AUVSI is the trade institution that has represented the industry since its founding in 1972, and it has been increasingly calling for better cybersecurity standards to safeguard commercial and military uncrewed systems. 

Fortress secures critical industries from cybersecurity and operational threats stemming from vendors, assets, and software in their supply chains. Like in any other industry, cybersecurity plays a critical role in protecting uncrewed systems — a need that will only increase.

The goal is to establish the framework in less than a year.

“There really isn’t anything more in terms of the future of transportation that is going to grow and change our economy than uncrewed systems and the introduction of more autonomy and automation into our vehicles,” said Michael Robbins, AUVSI’s Executive Vice President for Government and Public Affairs. “We believe that working together we can develop standards that make sense for our industries across all domains.” 

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