ANNOUNCEMENT: Remediate Risks Faster with Contextualized, Trusted, and Actionable AI Monitoring.

AI Monitoring for Products

Fortress's AI Monitoring for Products is designed to accelerate risk detection and remediation, ensuring that product ecosystems are secure and resilient against evolving cyber supply chain. threats


Next-Level Product Monitoring

With cyber adversaries targeting critical infrastructure, Fortress’ AI Monitoring for Products helps to proactively eliminate hardware and software threats before they become an issue.

With this solution, you can:

  • Identify vulnerabilities across OT, IT, and IoT products risks for accelerated remediation.
  • Automate prioritization of product risks in your infrastructure.
  • Achieve conclusive next-level protection and regulatory compliance.

The Evolution of Product Security


Conventional Monitoring

  • High Costs: Relies on manual intervention for setup and maintenance, driving up operational costs.
  • Slow Results: Creating and analyzing a product security bill of materials is often time-consuming.
  • Limited Scalability: Product security assessments lacking automation are restricted in scope, increasing the likelihood of missing product risks.
  • Excessive Alerts: Often results in many alerts, including false positives, which takes time for analysts to review.
  • Manual Methods Only: Conventional methods are very manual processes which reduces speed and increases chances of error.

Fortress AI Monitoring

  • Reduced Costs: AI reduces the need for manual intervention in setup and maintenance, significantly lowering operational costs.
  • Rapid Results: AI streamlines product security monitoring and the creation and analysis of product security bills of materials.
  • High Scalability: With AI’s scalability, organizations can conduct product assessments across their critical infrastructure.
  • Smart Alerts: AI reduces the volume of alerts and false positives, making it easier and quicker for analysts to review and address relevant alerts.
  • Hybrid Methods Available: Hybrid methods allow for a pairing of AI methods and manual methods to enable optimal results.

Multiple Tiers to Fit Your Use Cases

For different levels of criticality, Fortress AI Monitoring has multiple tiers for varying levels of scrutiny to identify risks across your critical infrastructure.

AI Monitoring - Lite

  • New Patch Notifications
  • Integrity Verification - Malware, Code Signing, and Sandbox Analysis
  • Authenticity Validation
  • SBOM Generation from Binary
  • AI Vulnerability Analysis

AI Monitoring - Standard

Lite AI Monitoring for Products Capabilities +:
  • Impact Criticality Analysis
  • Patching Cadence
  • Product Documentation Collection
  • Product Security Controls Analysis
  • Evaluation of Product's AI Usage
  • AI-based Configuration Recommendations

AI Monitoring - Premium

Standard AI Monitoring for Products Capabilities +:
  • Provenance Analysis
  • Counterfeit Alerts
  • Non-conformance Alerts
  • Obsolescence Alerts
  • Overlay Supplier Risk Information from AI Monitoring for Vendor Ecosystems

Experience the Evolution of Product Risk Mitigation

Reach out to our team to arrange a demonstration showcasing the functionality of Fortress and how it can cater to your unique requirements.