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Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM)

In today's era of escalating cyber threats, securing the supply chain is absolutely critical to our national security, requiring government agencies to implement effective C-SCRM measures.

Full-Spectrum Cybersecurity for Supply Chains

Discover and remediate risks efficiently across complex cyber supply chains, ensuring the resilience and security of critical government operations and infrastructure. This proactive approach is essential to safeguard sensitive data and maintain uninterrupted government services in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.
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Government agencies can leverage Fortress to systematically illuminate and map out vulnerabilities across their cyber supply chains. This process not only highlights potential risk areas but also aids in understanding the interconnectedness of different components, allowing for more targeted and effective risk identification strategies.

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Fortress streamlines the evaluation of C-SCRM issues for government agencies with automated risk identification and data analysis. This helps assess vulnerabilities' impact and likelihood, facilitating strategic responses within a secure, integrated platform for a resilient cyber supply chain.

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Fortress equips government agencies with solutions to tackle C-SCRM challenges, using automation to quickly address identified supply chain vulnerabilities. It streamlines the execution of mitigation tactics, ensuring agencies can rapidly close security loopholes, maintain regulatory compliance, and strengthen their cyber defenses.

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Continuous monitoring of vendor actions and updates in software product vulnerabilities is crucial for averting emerging and unexpected risks in cyber supply chains. Fortress provides government customers with regular, detailed reports on current vendors and products illuminating cyber supply chain risks and facilitating proactive threat management and continuous monitoring.

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Comprehensive Coverage, Conclusive Results

Mission-driven organizations, such as the Department of Defense, need to be able to identify and take care of cyber risks across their cyber attack surface. Fortress’s broad coverage of cyber supply chains enable hidden vulnerabilities to be found and security controls to be put in place to safeguard critical infrastructure.


AI Assessments

The Fortress Platform leverages AI to read and analyze data enabling efficiency and accuracy.
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Vendor-sourced Assessments

Fortress sources data via questionnaires answered by vendors for detailed insights.

Foreign Presence (FOCI)

The Fortress Platform assesses foreign influence on vendors and assets.
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Product Security

Fortress safeguards against vulnerabilities within software and hardware products and enables patch authenticity.


Fortress generates and analyzes software and hardware components to discover critical vulnerabilities.

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Managed Services

Fortress managed services support customer requirements and objectives to enable customer success.
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Continuous Monitoring

Fortress enables continuous monitoring of vendors and assets resulting in improved cyber health and risk management.

POA&M At-scale

Fortress helps develop and collect POA&M (Plan of Action and Milestones) from vendors at-scale.

Threat Intelligence

The Fortress Platform provides knowledge that allows preemptive cybersecurity measures.

Fortress Supports Mission-Critical Agencies

The Fortress team understands the critical nature of the mission of the Department of Defense and other government agencies. With veteran C-SCRM experience, Fortress managed services supports classified government agencies to ensure the safety and protection of supply chains.
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Vendor Outreach

Fortress managed services act as a liaison between vendor and client to source mission-critical data using vendor-sourced assessments to empower supply chain security and decision-making.
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SBOM/HBOM Breakdown

To find product vulnerabilities, Fortress managed services inventories software and hardware components illuminating risks and dependencies in supply chains.

Threat Intelligence

Fortress has a team to research critical vulnerabilities and communicate pressing issues promptly to accelerate remediation or through regularly scheduled reports. 

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Comprehensive Risk Management

Fortress Platform consolidates a wide range of risk management tools, allowing users to oversee risk factors from a single, comprehensive interface. This unified "pane of glass" approach simplifies the management of C-SCRM processes, enhancing visibility and control over the entire risk landscape.

Fortress Collaboration

Fortress enables collaboration between government agencies leveraging NAESAD and A2V, within agencies via private catalogs, and with Fortress managed services to fulfill their specific C-SCRM program needs. Leveraging these collaboration vehicles, organizations will accelerate and improve their C-SCRM programs.
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AI-driven Results

Fortress enables conclusive action by leveraging AI to automate data collection and analysis processes. This advanced use of AI not only reduces costs for customers but also significantly elevates the quality of intelligence empowering decision-making and elevating security capabilities.

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