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At Fortress, we recognize that individual achievement is the backbone of a strong team. The drive to succeed exists in exceptional individuals from every background and way of life. That’s why we value the drive and talent of each and every employee and create an environment that supports, promotes, and rewards those team members.  

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Our Core Values


Ensure that employees are recognized and rewarded for accomplishments and individual contributions

We believe in acknowledging and appreciating the hard work, accomplishments, and unique contributions of every team member. Each success, big or small, is a shared victory that deserves celebration.

Provide the tools necessary to maximize employee development

We are committed to providing the essential resources that propel our employees' development and enhance their skill set, enabling them to excel in their roles.


Establish a culture of diversity, inclusion, growth, and well being

We celebrate our differences, promote inclusivity, and ensure opportunities for individual growth while prioritizing the well-being of every team member.


Provide accountability through authentic communication and clear goal setting

We uphold a culture of responsibility and accountability through open, authentic communication, and by setting clear, measurable goals. We believe this fosters a work environment that encourages transparency, honesty, and mutual respect.
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Our Purpose-Driven Culture

Our people are central to our mission.  We aim to build a purpose-driven culture of experts and leaders that have the drive to come together to succeed.  Employee success is company success, so we match employees’ strengths with multiple tools to learn, develop, and grow personally and professionally while encouraging and supporting their development.


At Fortress, we deeply value the well-being and growth of our team. Offering a comprehensive benefits package is our way of ensuring that our employees feel supported, motivated, and poised for success.

Competitive Compensation

We offer a competitive compensation package to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

Hybrid and Remote Workforce

We implement a hybrid and remote workforce model to accommodate both in-office and remote work arrangements for our teams.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

We empower people to prioritize their well-being through holistic health and wellness programs.

Learning and Development

We support the growth of our teams through continuous education and skill-enhancement incentives.

Equity and Incentive Opportunities

We drive our team's dedication through a diverse range of incentives. By recognizing the importance of our company's goals, we offer performance-based rewards, both monetary and non-monetary, to certain employees when the company reaches its objectives.

Succession and Career Growth

We help plan, encourage, and foster continuous career growth and development for everyone.

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Mark Pellegrini

Software Engineering Manager
I joined Fortress in 2020 as a Software Engineer. I had been in the industry for a decade but never as a Software Developer, and Fortress was willing to take a chance on me. Since then I’ve been promoted to Team Lead, and then to Engineering Manager. Fortress gave me the opportunity to grow into those roles. I genuinely enjoy working with the team we’ve put together, on a product I can be proud of.
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