ANNOUNCEMENT: Get Software Supply Chain Accountability with a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).


North American Energy Software Assurance Database

NAESAD is a collaborative initiative between major critical infrastructure organizations and their vendors aimed at making crucial security information more available to enhance risk management. NAESAD enables a unified, scalable, and validated approach, resulting in more secure organizations. NAESAD has been presented the 2024 Critical Infrastructure Security Winner Award for its excellence, innovation and leadership in information security.

Broad Spectrum Intelligence Coverage

NAESAD is the premier platform for sharing critical data for software supply chain security. It is made up of different verticals allowing members to access and share critical information that enhances transparency, security, and compliance across the supply chain. 


Software Supply Chain Security

Fortress collects, creates, and analyzes SBOMs, collects secure software development attestations, and assists with risk resolution.

Hardware Supply Chain Security

Fortress collects, creates, and analyzes HBOMs to ensure security of components and sub-tier manufacturers.

Vendor Due Diligence

Fortress collects and distributes data relating to ESG, foreign influence, financial factors, and more for informed decision-making in risk management.

Pioneering Collaborative Risk Solutions

NAESAD transforms the way companies analyze and mitigate risks and empowers organizations with the data to ensure reliable execution. Its industry collaboration enablement allows companies to proactively address threats through collective intelligence and shared reports.

For Asset Owners


Fortify Supply Chains

Leveraging NAESAD data, organizations can decrease risks from third-party software, hardware assets, and vendor ecosystems.


Simplified Data Collection

NAESAD simplifies data collection with one platform for organizations to obtain and share industry reports.

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Reduce Cost for Reports

Industry sourcing of reports via NAESAD results in more cost-effective collection, insights, and resolution.

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Get Reports Quicker

Reports are obtained at an expedited rate through NAESAD for resulting in budget-friendly insights.

For Vendors


Improve Customer Trust

Making data available on NAESAD promotes transparency, which can build trust with customers who require vendor and asset data for risk and security management.


Streamline Data Distribution

NAESAD enables scalable data sharing allowing vendors to share once increasing efficiency and streamlining data distribution.


Secure Artifact Sharing

Data on the NAESAD platform is stored securely ensuring vendor data is only delivered to the right customers.

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Reduce Costs to Share Data

Since vendors only need to share data once, it reduces resource costs to engage with multiple customers individually.

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