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Third-Party Risk Management

Mitigate potential risks from vendors and suppliers leveraging assessments to expose critical insights pertaining to third-parties.

Mitigate Risk in Your Vendor Ecosystem

In today’s connected world, security and compliance risks can often come from third-party organizations, such as vendors, underscoring the importance of due diligence and continuous monitoring of third-parties. Fortress enables streamlined TPRM capabilities so that customers can quickly detect and resolve risks from vendors across a wide variety of important categories including cybersecurity, FOCI, ESG, and more.

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Streamline Third-Party Risk Resolution

Fortress enables an efficient process for TPRM to quickly and proactively reduce risks created by vendor ecosystems.

Inventory and Ranking
Risk Discovery
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Incident Response
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Continuous Monitoring
Inventory and Ranking
The Fortress Platform empowers organizations to onboard their third-party vendors to enable inherent risk and business impact assessments. This process guides the prioritization for subsequent risk evaluations and mitigation efforts.
  • Inventory
    The Fortress Platform streamlines the process of creating a comprehensive inventory of third-party vendors, ensuring that no vendor goes unnoticed in the inherent risk and business impact assessment period.
  • Ranking
    Using the data gathered during inherent risk evaluation, the Fortress Platform ranks third-party vendors according to their risk and potential business impact, allowing organizations to focus their risk mitigation efforts effectively.
Fortress Commercial TPRM Risk Inventory and Ranking
Risk Discovery

Utilizing AI-enhanced tools alongside managed services, Fortress exposes hidden vulnerabilities within third-party vendor operations, ensuring comprehensive risk detection across the vendor ecosystem.

  • AI Assessments
    By leveraging AI for data synthesis, Fortress enables customers to gain a 360-degree perspective of vendor operations and risks, facilitating informed decision-making and faster response gathering.
  • Vendor-sourced Assessments
    For the most accurate data, Fortress Platform can send tailored questionnaires to vendors evaluating areas such as compliance posture and security controls. Fortress managed services facilitate rapid responses from vendors ensuring timely updates and precise risk assessments. 
Fortress Commercial TPRM Risk Discovery
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Incident Response

Combining AI, the robust Fortress Platform, and expert managed services, Fortress supports organizations in effectively resolving third-party risks, contributing to the fortification of the supply chain.

  • Threat Research
    Fortress's managed services thoroughly investigates new threats, including emergent zero-day vulnerabilities, to offer swift and decisive resolutions to critical third-party risks.
  • Incident Management
    Leveraging the coordinated incident response capabilities of the Fortress Platform, organizations benefit from reduced resolution times and enhanced management of third-party incidents.
Fortress Commercial TPRM Incident Response
Fortress C-SCRM Monitor Icon
Continuous Monitoring

Through its vigilant monitoring mechanisms, Fortress continuously monitors third-party vendors for emerging risks, offering timely alerts and enabling proactive risk management within TPRM programs.

  • CMRE Report
    Providing comprehensive information, Fortress equips organizations with essential data on third-party vendor risks, facilitating ongoing risk management enhancements and strategic defense posturing.
  • Threat Intelligence
    The integration of real-time threat intelligence regarding vendors aids in the early detection and handling of potential breaches, ensuring that security teams are well-informed and ready to act.
Fortress  Commercial TPRM Monitor

Collaborate with Fortress Industry Data Exchanges

Fortress-enabled industry collaboratives collect data artifacts once and enable sharing to multiple customers empowering organizations to rapidly access essential data artifacts quickly and for lower costs resulting in a more robust TPRM program. 

Managed Services for Risk Mitigation

With meticulous precision, Fortress managed services serve TPRM customers to enable conclusive outcomes, providing actionable guidance for implementing policies and decisions that reduce risks and bolster security.

Assessment Enablement

Fortress helps select and tailor assessments for customer needs across security and compliance. This personalized approach facilitates a more robust and compliant cybersecurity posture, enabling clients to navigate the complexities of security standards with confidence.

Data Analysis

By scrutinizing collected data, Fortress empowers organizations to make informed decisions and establish robust policies and procedures, fortifying the safety of third-party cyber interactions.

Vendor Engagement

Enhancing vendor response rates, Fortress actively communicates with third parties to secure prompt and frequent feedback, equipping customers with precise and current data for effective risk management.

Explore the Fortress Advantage


Risk Factor Coverage

Fortress Platform offers broad spectrum coverage of security and compliance risk factors for a 360-degree view of vendors and suppliers improving third-party risk mitigation.


Industry Collaborations

Fortress hosts data exchanges that facilitate the seamless sharing of critical insights between risk management professionals to empower organizations to effectively manage their vendor ecosystems.


Decisive Results

Organizations leverage Fortress to get results that drive decision-making to power their third-party risk management strategy and enable a safe and resilient vendor ecosystem.

See Our Third-Party Risk Management Solution in Action

Your cyber supply chain, encompassing hardware, software, processes, and vendor network, conceals undiscovered potential vulnerabilities.

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