ANNOUNCEMENT: Remediate Risks Faster with Contextualized, Trusted, and Actionable AI Monitoring.

Fortress Platform

Powered by AI, Fortress Platform solves the leading cyber and risk challenges, providing a sophisticated, automated approach to managing and securing complex supply chains against cyber threats and organizational risks. The Fortress Platform has been presented the 2024 Critical Infrastructure Security Winner Award for its excellence, innovation and leadership in information security.

One Platform for Asset and Supply Chain Security

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Fortress Platform delivers comprehensive security through AI-driven risk management and security solutions, enhancing supply chain resilience and cybersecurity coverage.


Fortress engages industry leaders through the A2V and NAESAD data exchanges and works with vendors to fulfill customer requirements enabling critical collaboration.


When it comes to conclusive insights and results, Fortress delivers, using vendor and industry collaboration to produce accurate insights and implement actionable protection strategies.
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Securing critical supply chains and cyber assets from evolving threats. 
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Streamline Operations for Risk Reduction

Securing supply chains and resolving third-party risk is critical to the mission of the Fortress Platform. To accelerate insights and remediation, the platform leverages a process to identify, prioritize, and remediate critical issues.
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Fortress enables identification and helps document vendors and assets that may need to be evaluated to discover risk or security vulnerabilities to enable prioritization and resolution of issues.
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Fortress Platform leverages industry leading scoring algorithms and inherent risk metrics to rank threats to organizations. This ranking helps businesses prioritize remediation efforts, leading to more effective and efficient risk management.
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Fortress assesses prioritized risk vectors using AI-driven and vendor-sourced assessments combined with context to determine optimal solutions. This thorough evaluation enables precise remediation actions, ensuring a fortified defense posture.
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The Fortress Platform enables streamlined risk resolution in cyber supply chains, third-party risks, and software vulnerabilities. This risk resolution empowers companies to achieve compliance goals and prevent cyber threats before they pose a threat.
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Fortress enables continuous monitoring to deliver timely and actionable reporting for cybersecurity, due diligence and other applications. With monitoring, organizations gain transparent visibility into the evolving status of vendor ecosystems and product security. 
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​​Transformative Security and Risk Management


Coverage & Compliance

Ensures thorough risk management and adherence to regulations.

Transparent Risk Mitigation

Offers clear visibility for effective and conclusive risk reduction.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Provides customized solutions utilizing sector-specific best practices.


Collaborative Risk Resolution

Encourages shared data sourcing for collective risk solving.

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Efficient Risk Resolution

Achieves up to 90% faster risk resolution.


Accelerated Remediation

Drastically cuts down time to remediate or mitigate vulnerabilities.


Program Maturity Boost

Instantly elevates the sophistication of security programs.

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O&M Cost Reduction

Slashes operations and maintenance expenses by up to 90%.

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Substantial TCO Savings

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership by as much as 50%.

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