ANNOUNCEMENT: Remediate Risks Faster with Contextualized, Trusted, and Actionable AI Monitoring.

Trusted AI

Fortress integrates AI with a strong focus on validation, ensuring trusted AI insights for improved supply chain security and efficient risk management, while also achieving cost reduction goals.

Maximize Your Impact with AI

In the face of sophisticated cyber threats and expanding networks, AI offers a transformative solution for cybersecurity and risk management. This enables rapid, comprehensive threat detection and streamlined risk mitigation. According to industry analysts, the adoption of AI has yielded tangible results:


Transform Security & Compliance Workflows with AI Monitoring

Fortress's AI Monitoring solutions ensure that your supply chain security is equipped with foresight and adaptability, two critical factors for security in a landscape that is as unpredictable as it is interconnected.
Avoiding Supply Chain Security Risks with AI


Fortress is excited to lead the industry with AI-assisted solutions to accelerate delivery and minimize costs for our clients.  But as an emerging technology, AI also carries risks:


Data Privacy

AI requires data to perform. But as more data is provided, you risk that the data could be stolen or compromised.  Fortress monitors every step of the process with controls in place to safeguard your privacy.

Training Data Integrity

AI’s results are only as good as its data.  Inaccurate data creates inaccurate results, which cost time, money, and reputation.  Fortress monitors and checks all training data to ensure accuracy.

Processing Integrity

AI needs the right process to provide the right results.  Accurate data won’t matter if the “brain” trained to retrieve the data is compromised.  Fortress only uses well-documented and proven AI engines to be sure our results are accurate.

Scaled Supervision

AI must continually scale to meet the growing demands of the industry and provide time-saving value.  But left unattended, that growth can lead to any number of data or training errors.  Fortress retains the human factor – working collaboratively with AI to maximize efficiency while providing secure, comprehensive, and conclusive results.

Guaranteed Data Quality with AI-Result Validation

Fortress implements a verification process with AI-generated content, examining results to confirm their accuracy and usability. This validation process takes advantage of critical AI benefits while maintaining high standards for data quality, resulting in reliable supply chain and cybersecurity data intelligence that can be used for improved decision-making. 

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