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Software Supply Chain Security

Secure software is vital for uninterrupted business operations. Fortress Platform enables software supply chain security best practices, ensuring continuous protection and operational integrity.

The Criticality of Secure Software Supply Chains

The rise in cyber threats and the tightening of supply chain regulations emphasize the critical role of software security within intricate, modern supply chains. Fortress's software supply chain security empowers a proactive shift-left defense strategy that identifies potential vulnerabilities and enables efficient remediation, ensuring the protection of your cyber supply chain and the prevention of service disruptions.


Tools for Every Use Case

Fortress is leading the software supply chain security wave with a comprehensive suite of tools to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they become an issue. These tools have a proven track record of bolstering supply chain software and preventing security breaches.

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Enable seamless compliance to attestations, such as is required in Executive Order 14028 section 4, to adhere to legal and regulatory standards, protecting against legal risks and penalties.



Vet potential software purchases or integrations with deep-dive SBOMs to understand vulnerabilities, critical dependencies, and other security risks to ensure intelligent software procurement.


Deployment and Hardening

For deployed software, security controls can be hardened leveraging SBOMs to discover critical vulnerabilities as well as patch update discovery and authenticity to update software on critical assets.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

In order to stay on top of security and compliance requirements, Fortress enables continuous monitoring of software patch updates, SBOMs, vendor changes, and software vulnerabilities.

SBOMs: Critical to Software Security

SBOMs enable quick identification of vulnerabilities in software components, including open-source libraries, proprietary code, and other dependencies. The resulting analysis is indispensable for organizations due to several reasons: it enhances security awareness, ensures licensing compliance, and simplifies software component tracking for updates or patches. Overall, SBOMs are instrumental for comprehensive risk management by allowing organizations to trace software origins, assess their threat level, and rapidly identify issues.

For a deep-dive on how SBOMs can help your organization, check out our comprehensive whitepaper.

Managed Services to Evaluate Software Security

Fortress’s managed services streamlines the ability for organizations to identify software supply chain security vulnerabilities and comply with stringent software security regulations.

Patch Management

Fortress services can actively monitor and validate vendor-supplied software patches, ensuring the timely and accurate application of patches to the relevant software. This proactive approach mitigates the risk associated with concealed vulnerabilities in software assets, enhancing cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.

Vendor Outreach

Fortress managed services actively engage with vendors on behalf of customers, enhancing both the response rate and response time. This proactive approach leads to quicker and comprehensive data collection about vendors and their products, ultimately improving the quality and depth of insights for informed decision-making.


SBOM Analysis

Fortress managed services create and analyze SBOMs for clients, offering comprehensive documentation of software components. This documentation and analysis contributes significantly to bolstering cybersecurity postures and enhancing transparency within the supply chain, which is crucial for commercial critical infrastructure operations.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Fortress enhances software security and enables functional asset management for OTand IT by simplifying the management of critical assets through attestation and POA&M fulfillment, in-depth SBOMs, and validating patches via File Integrity Assurance (FIA).


Industry Collaborations

The Fortress-sponsored NAESAD and A2V networks offer a collaborative solution for organizations to obtain SBOM analyses, data-driven product assessments (DDPAs), and more efficiently for superior software security and decision making.

Conclusive Results

Fortress empowers organizations with conclusive results by conducting meticulous analyses of software components and rigorous testing, safeguarding the security and integrity of their software supply chain and mitigating compliance risks.

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