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Vulnerability Management

The Fortress Platform proactively secures OT, IT, and IoT devices before vulnerabilities can be exploited, safeguarding data and maintaining the integrity of tech infrastructure.

Forging Cyber Resilience Through Effective Vulnerability Management

Fortress’s vulnerability management solution ensures cyber resilience in complex operational environments to identify and remediate cyber issues quickly and efficiently. Fortress vulnerability management is the only cybersecurity tool your enterprise organization needs to manage the vulnerability lifecycle.

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Not Just Another Vulnerability Manager

Most vulnerability managers are limited to ingesting scanner data and providing basic remediation steps. Fortress goes beyond basic by providing an advanced vulnerability management platform that ingests data from scanners, threat intelligence, software and hardware bill of materials, regulatory requirements, asset inventories, and business context resulting in a 360-degree view of your security posture. This data, combined with Fortress managed services, enables unparalleled cybersecurity protection for companies with critical infrastructure.

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Managed Services for Enhanced Operational Excellence

Fortress ensures client success by empowering your vulnerability management program with managed services to improve remediation effectiveness and reduce program costs.

Research and Response

Fortress managed services researches zero-day vulnerabilities and enables advanced incident management for mitigating risks and resolving vulnerabilities.


Industry Focus

Critical infrastructure organizations, such as utilities and oil and gas, have specific requirements (such as NERC CIP for utilities) that Fortress is prepared to handle.

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Cost Efficiency

Fortress expert managed services can be more cost-effective than maintaining or expanding an in-house team, as it reduces the need for constant training, tooling, and staffing.


Continuous Monitoring

Managed services offer around-the-clock surveillance of IT systems, ensuring that any vulnerabilities are identified and remediated quickly, minimizing the window for potential attacks.

Automatically prioritize and condense with the Fortress platform



Reduction in Findings



Reduction in Workload

Large IOU reduced manual efforts by over 90%

How a large Investor Owned Utility (IOU) transformed their vulnerability management program with Fortress.

Before Fortress

  • High Volume of Daily Vulnerabilities.
  • Undiscovered Assets.
  • Aggressive Compliance Timelines.
  • Inconsistent Patching Resources.
  • Limited IT Governance.

With Fortress

  • Automated workflows for continuous identification and prioritization.
  • Integrated additional data sources and supported manual inventory.
  • Configurable SLA-based and Kanban board for timely execution.
  • Flexibility at business unit level and resource augmentation through Fortress services.
  • Unified governance executed through 
    the Fortress Platform.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Fortress enables a truly comprehensive vulnerability management program that not only leverages scanner data, but also bill of materials, patch data, regulatory requirements, and business context for remediating vulnerabilities.


Fortress Services

To ensure effective remediation, Fortress managed services take on day-to-day operational vulnerability management tasks, allowing organizations to focus their resources and expertise on strategic cybersecurity initiatives and risk mitigation strategies.


Conclusive Remediation

Finding, prioritizing, and ensuring remediation of critical vulnerabilities is what Fortress does best, enabling organizations to effectively and conclusively secure OT, IoT, and IT infrastructure.

See Our Vulnerability Management Solution in Action

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