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Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM)

Fortress’s C-SCRM solution enables a proactive strategy for streamlining the supply chain lifecycle from evaluating procurement and compliance risks to implementing security controls.

End-to-End Cyber Supply Chain Protection

Supply chain risk mitigation and vulnerability protection is crucial to ensuring the protection of critical infrastructure industries. Fortress’s comprehensive C-SCRM product set provides conclusive insights and results enabling organizations to evolve the resiliency of their supply chain security.

C-SCRM Data Collection and Response - AI Update

Unlock Streamlined Cyber Resilience

Fortress streamlines C-SCRM operations, empowering organizations to identify, analyze, and resolve critical risks quickly.
Identification and Prioritization
Risk Detection
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Risk Resolution
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Continuous Monitoring
Identification and Prioritization
The Fortress Platform enables customers to determine vendor and product inherent risk and business impact to prioritize which entities to evaluate for further risk management.
  • Identification
    The Fortress Platform helps identify vendors and products that are essential to business operations to facilitate the identification of inherent risk vectors across critical infrastructure.
  • Prioritization
    Leveraging business context and inherent risk, Fortress employs advanced algorithms to intelligently prioritize investigation efforts so security teams can fix critical risks quickly.
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Risk Detection

Fortress detects risk across vendors and assets leveraging AI-powered solutions in combination with managed services to identify hidden cyber risks.

  • Assessments
    Fortress offers a comprehensive approach to vendor and product cyber risk assessment, utilizing AI-driven and vendor-sourced assessments, along with managed services for improved response rates.
  • SBOMs / HBOMs
    Fortress creates and conducts in-depth analysis of software and hardware bill of materials (SBOMs/HBOMs) to uncover hidden risks and vulnerabilities, providing crucial insights to enhance security controls and address supply chain risks
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Risk Resolution

Fortress enables efficient risk resolution by streamlining management through action plan risk tracker and providing timely cyber threat intelligence for rapid incident response.

  • Threat Research
    Fortress managed services engage in thorough vulnerability research, assisting customers in their swift response to significant incidents and newly discovered zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Incident Response
    The Fortress Platform streamlines incident response, utilizing managed services research and action plan features to quickly address and mitigate critical risks, reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR).
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Continuous Monitoring

Fortress provides continuous monitoring for vendors and assets, enabling proactive cybersecurity management and prompt threat detection and notification.

  • CMRE
    Fortress's Continuous Monitoring Report - Enhanced provides vital vendor, product provenance, and security risk details for organizations to enhance continuous risk management.
  • Threat Intelligence
    Fortress's threat intelligence report provides crucial information on threats, breaches, vulnerabilities, discoveries, and mergers and acquisitions, aiding security teams in addressing ongoing cyber supply chain issues and enhancing their overall security posture.
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Collaborate with Fortress Industry Data Exchanges

Fortress-enabled industry collaboratives collect data artifacts once and enable sharing to multiple customers empowering organizations to collect essential data artifacts quickly and for lower costs resulting in a more resilient cyber supply chain. 

Managed Services for Streamlined Operations

With extreme attention to detail, Fortress managed services collaborates with customers to gain conclusive results that yield tangible next steps for organizations to implement better policies and decisions to mitigate risk and improve security.

Data Procurement

Data is critical to gain a comprehensive view of cyber supply chains. Fortress helps procure data through assessments, software and hardware bill of material creation, and continuous monitoring reports.

Data Analysis

Fortress analyzes acquired data, empowering decision-making and determining what policies and processes to implement for a safer cyber supply chain.

Vendor Outreach

To improve response rate from vendors, Fortress reaches out on behalf of customers to get responses faster and more often, thus giving customers the most accurate and timely data.

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Comprehensive Risk Management

The comprehensive Fortress Platform covers every facet of your vendors and product risk. By ensuring every aspect in your cyber supply chain is secure, we help mitigate potential threats leading to a fortified cyber supply chain and operational continuity. 

Partner with Fortress

Fortress actively partners with customers to meet their unique C-SCRM program requirements, handling essential services such as vendor outreach and comprehensive risk assessment, ensuring tailored and effective cyber risk management operations. 

AI-driven Outcomes

AI capabilities such as generative AI and automated recommendations are rapidly changing the world. Fortress is at the forefront of implementing AI in its data collection and analysis ensuring conclusivity in results and reporting.

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