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Asset to Vendor Network (A2V)

Obtain quick and comprehensive assessments on assets and vendors for advance decision making with accurate, up-to-date information to power risk and security programs.

Collaborative Supply Chain Security

The Fortress A2V network is a unique community for information sharing and collaboration, providing clients with access to a catalog of more than 49,000 vendors and millions of assets. It is the only platform that offers a complete and collaborative cyber supply chain management solution for utilities or other mission critical industries or agencies.

For Asset Owners



A2V provides detailed and informational vendor and asset data and assessments that have been verified with managed services much faster than most organizations can procure that data alone, enabling these organizations to make informed decisions rapidly.



With a limited budget and increasing risk vectors, sourcing mission-critical data for vendors and assets can quickly become costly. Data sharing through A2V enables organizations to significantly reduce costs enabling budget friendly data purchases and improved security.



Intelligence in A2V is validated to ensure data is accurate and actionable. This actionable intelligence enables greater accountability for vendors and empowers smart decision-making to mitigate volatile risk vectors.

For Vendors



Utilizing A2V for asset and vendor data centralization fosters broad dissemination, cutting costs and enhancing service speed for customers



Uploading asset and vendor data to A2V increases transparency which leads to enhanced customer trust with accessible and clear data insights.



Vendors who use A2V can be assured that data will be kept confidential and only shared with those who vendors approve.

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