ANNOUNCEMENT: Get Software Supply Chain Accountability with a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).
Fortress for

Government Agencies

The threat to national security from cyber threats is increasingly volatile. Fortress serves government agencies to reduce supply chain risks, combat foreign adversaries, and prevent cyber attacks for critical government agencies such as the Department of Defense (DoD).
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Serving Critical Government Agencies

Fortress is the trusted leader in cyber supply chain defense, specializing in meeting the distinct mission demands of Federal Government agencies, including the DoD and other critical government agencies. The Fortress Platform ensures that government agencies possess robust supply chain defenses and are well-equipped to meet growing mandate requirements.

Partner with Fortress to gain comprehensive visibility, expert compliance guidance, and a vigilant ally dedicated to navigating the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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Major General Mark J. O’Neil

U.S. Army (ret.)
Having a common operational picture that everyone can see and ask hard questions from is the first step. Awareness matters. I would strongly recommend Fortress to base commanders or business leaders looking for that common view. They have the ability to come in and show you your vulnerabilities, where your soft spots are…and then help you figure out how to best address those problem areas.”
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Explore Our Solutions

We are focused on outcomes, not just “findings,” “scores,” or “alerts.” The Fortress Platform includes a suite of solutions designed to proactively meet the functional security needs of government organizations, especially surrounding challenges of contested logistics. We’ll work together with you to tie identified risks in vendors and products directly to mission outcomes so you can make sound decisions at speed.

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Collaborate with Fortress Industry Data Exchanges

Through Fortress-enabled industry collaboratives, government agencies and organizations can efficiently gather critical data artifacts while minimizing costs. This collaborative approach allows for the collection of essential data artifacts from various sources, ultimately strengthening cyber resilience.

Navigating and Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Federal agencies are under regulatory mandates that are driving process changes for cybersecurity and risk management. Fortress understands these regulations thoroughly and are focused on aiding agencies to comply with them in a cost-effective manner. 

DODI 5000.90

Perform hardware & software deconstruction to identify associated components, potential 4th party relationships, and compile the bill of materials.

NIST 800-171 | NIST SP 800-53 | NIST 800-161

Meets the requirements for NIST 800-53 rev 5 SCRM control family.

Executive Order 14028 & Related OMB Memos 22-18, 23-16

Arrange for delivery or procurement of hardware and software portions of target products.

CMMC Cyber Security

Identify compliance considerations to relevant U.S. policies and standards addressing the electric grid or Critical Defense Facilities.


Identify hardware and software 4th party relationships, perform FOCI analysis, and highlight potential risks due to relationships in Countries of Concern.

NDAA ‘19 Section 889

Perform component analysis to identify obsolescence, non-conformances, counterfeits, and vulnerabilities.

Why Fortress

Today, we partner with numerous government organizations, and have proven success securing our nation’s critical infrastructure providers. Our federal team is composed of former service members and Department of Defense civilians who have been instrumental in running some of our nation’s most critical cyber programs. We lead critical infrastructure working groups, including vendor risk sharing and NAESAD. But most importantly, we get it, we’re in it, and we’re not going to rest until the job is done right.
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Create a Vendor Inventory

Better manage your technology ecosystems with a full vendor inventory enabling critical infrastructure organizations to stay ahead of potential problems or intrusion.

Get a Comprehensive View of Risk

Connect disparate sources of information to better understand emerging cyber risks and determine business impact.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Monitor expert analyst reports and assessments to rapidly gain actionable insights and recommendations for staying compliant amidst emerging threats.

Contract Vehicles

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Fortress leverages Federal contract vehicles to streamline acquisition of Fortress solutions for government agencies. Currently purchased through GSA and NASA SEWP, Fortress Platform capabilities ensure comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management solutions. Fortress has the appropriate clearances to meet government stringent requirements.

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