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Vulnerability Management

Security vulnerabilities on government assets can create national security crises, facilitate data breaches, and be a threat to public safety.

Strengthening Cyber Defense With Proactive Vulnerability Management

Fortress's vulnerability management solution is a comprehensive tool for enhancing cyber resilience within intricate government environments. It enables swift and efficient identification and remediation of cyber issues. With its wide-ranging capabilities, Fortress's vulnerability management is the sole cybersecurity tool necessary for managing the entire vulnerability lifecycle in government agencies.
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Bolstering Cybersecurity With Expert Vulnerability Management

Fortress managed services offers a comprehensive vulnerability management solution that equips government agencies with the tools and expertise needed to identify, assess, and remediate cybersecurity threats.

Government Specialization

Fortress ensures that agencies meet and exceed stringent federal mandates without the overheads associated with training and maintaining an internal security team.

Vulnerability Research

Fortress’s proactive approach involves dedicated research efforts to identify zero-day vulnerabilities, ensuring that we are ahead of emerging threats in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Continuous Monitoring

Fortress managed services provide around-the-clock monitoring of technology environments, enabling rapid detection and response to vulnerabilities, which is essential for minimizing the window of opportunity for potential cyber attacks.
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Response Capabilities

Fortress’s team members are trained to assess and analyze the nature and scope of vulnerabilities promptly enabling swift and effective response strategies to mitigate security incidents and minimize their impact.

Automatically Prioritize and Condense With the Fortress Platform



Reduction in Findings

Large Critical Infrastructure Organization Reduced Manual Efforts by Over 90%

How a large critical infrastructure organization transformed their vulnerability management program with Fortress.
Fortress Vulnerability Management Before

Before Fortress

  • High Volume of Daily Vulnerabilities
  • Undiscovered Assets
  • Difficulty meeting compliance timelines
  • Inconsistent Patching Resources
  • Limited IT Governance 
Fortress Vulnerability Management With

With Fortress

  • Automated workflows for continuous identification and prioritization.
  • Integrated additional data sources and supported 
    manual inventory.
  • Configurable SLA-based and Kanban board for timely execution.
  • Flexibility at business unit level and resource 
    augmentation through Fortress services.
  • Unified governance executed through the Fortress Platform.

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

Fortress provides a highly comprehensive vulnerability management program that goes beyond scanner data, encompassing bill of materials, patch data, regulatory compliance mandates, and business context to facilitate the effective remediation of vulnerabilities.

Fortress Services

To streamline remediation efforts, Fortress managed services assume the day-to-day operational tasks associated with vulnerability management. This enables organizations to redirect their resources and expertise toward strategic cybersecurity initiatives and risk mitigation strategies.

Safeguard Critical Assets

Fortress empowers focused and deliberate remediation initiatives, providing essential protection for your OT, IT, and IoT assets. This comprehensive approach ultimately leads to conclusive safeguarding of both software and hardware assets within your infrastructure, ensuring the security and integrity of your critical components.

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