ANNOUNCEMENT: Get Software Supply Chain Accountability with a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

Software Supply Chain Security

Software supply chain security is a priority of the Executive branch with Executive Order 14028 section 4 mandating appropriate software security practices to safeguard critical government supply chains and assets.

Ensure Safe Software for Your Supply Chain

Software supply chain security is a set of practices and protocols designed to ensure that the software and applications used by the government are trustworthy and free from vulnerabilities or malicious components. It involves strict scrutiny of software sources, thorough testing, and continuous monitoring to protect sensitive government data and maintain the integrity of critical systems and operations. Software supply chain security is crucial for safeguarding national security and maintaining public trust in government services.


To determine if software delivered to the federal government is secure, new regulations require attestations to be collected from software providers testifying that their software is secure. Fortress provides products to collect and track attestation compliance and services to reach out to software companies who have yet to comply with the attestation requirement for increased response rate.


Fortress’s File Integrity Assurance (FIA) monitors for and ensures the security of software patches and files before they are downloaded and installed, verifying authenticity to prevent malware infiltration and maintain system integrity. This proactive stance on cyber protection is essential for the operational security and trustworthiness of technology environments in sensitive government operations.

Deployment and Hardening

Enhance the security posture of deployed software by leveraging SBOMs and patch validation to detect vulnerabilities and ensure the authenticity of software updates. This approach enables the secure hardening of software on critical assets, aligning with the stringent security standards of government agencies.

Continuous Monitoring

To remain vigilant in upholding security and compliance standards, Fortress facilitates ongoing monitoring of software patch updates, SBOMs, vendor updates, and software vulnerabilities. This continuous oversight aligns with the steadfast commitment to meeting the security and compliance demands of government agencies.

The Importance of SBOMs for National Security

Software bill of materials (SBOMs) serve as crucial inventories that catalog all components of an application, including open-source libraries, proprietary code, and dependencies. Federal mandates such as Executive Order 14028 are starting to focus more on the importance of SBOMs making it a perfect time to ensure software security.

Discover Vulnerabilities

Utilize SBOMs to systematically uncover and assess critical vulnerabilities, enabling a proactive approach to software security.
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Dependency Health

SBOMs provide complete transparency and identify dependencies, including open-source and proprietary code to identify end-of-life or out-of-date components.
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Critical for Risk Management

Enable quick responses to vulnerabilities or breaches, safeguarding digital infrastructure vital to national security and public services.
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Seamless Compliance with Federal Mandates

While essential to the nation’s security, federal mandates create a burden for government agencies who are already stretched thin. The most pressing federal mandate was given in Executive Order (EO) 14028 and additional details were given in related OMB memos. Fortress streamlines compliance to these stringent regulations with unparalleled software supply chain security that covers everything from software attestation collection, software vulnerability identification, and continuous software patching. 

Improved Software Security Through Managed Services

Fortress provides managed services along with our product solution to support security and risk management goals.
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Patch Management

Fortress services can monitor for and validate vendor provided software patches to ensure that the appropriate patches are applied to the right software in a timely manner, thus reducing risk from hidden vulnerabilities in software assets.
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Vendor Outreach

To ensure compliance with software attestation requests, Fortress managed services will reach out to vendors on government agencies’ behalf to gather needed intelligence and product data artifacts.

SBOM Analysis

Fortress managed services creates SBOMs for clients, ensuring detailed documentation of software components, contributing to stronger cybersecurity postures and supply chain transparency.

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Comprehensive Approach

Fortress strengthens software security and supports effective asset management for both OT and IT domains by simplifying critical asset management through attestation and POA&M fulfillment, in-depth SBOMs, and rigorous patch validation via File Integrity Assurance (FIA).

Agency Partnerships

The Fortress-sponsored NAESAD and A2V networks provide collaborative solutions for organizations to access SBOM analyses and data-driven product assessments (DDPAs) more efficiently, enhancing software security and informed decision-making through industry collaboration.

Definitive Outcomes

Fortress empowers organizations with definitive outcomes by conducting meticulous analyses of software components and rigorous testing, ensuring the security and integrity of their software supply chain while mitigating compliance risks.

See Our Software Supply Chain Security Solution in Action

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