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How Fortress Helps

Fortress is an unparalleled security platform that provides a complete view of your IT, OT systems, and third-party vendors. We quickly find and fix cyber risks, keeping your essential infrastructure safe. Alongside meeting regulations, partnering with Fortress lets you join our collaborative cyber security information exchange.
Visualize all of your supply chain components and critical systems involved.
Mitigate risks early by revealing the interdependencies of your systems and vendors. 
Resolve any supply chain risks or vulnerabilities and document the process for future cyber threats.
Create a roadmap for continuously monitoring threats and deploying solutions as needed.

Why Fortress?

Fortress has helped secure 40% of the U.S. power grid and 3 out of 4 military branches. Customers who partner with Fortress can expect:

  • Improved risk detection and remediation in your supply chain and vendor ecosystem leveraging AI.
  • Significantly reduce costs with industry collaborations and managed services.
  • More efficient decision-making using the Fortress Platform and data sharing.