october 2022 product updates Fortress


Version 1.7 of the A2V Network was released October 6th, 2022. Our focus for this version was to build Fortress SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) module which gives users the ability to search for SBOMs using a brand-new advanced search feature, buy and request new SBOMs creation from the marketplace and for our vendors to securely upload, manage and share their products and SBOMs.

Vendor Trust Center Products Management

Admin vendor users can now add and manage their own products inside the Products Management table of their Trust Center. They can also upload SBOM documents related their products for a defined version and get Fortress SBOM Analysis on their document. Users can now request SBOMs from vendors directly from their Trust Center Products section. Vendors' products will be automatically synchronized with A2V product catalog and have their own product page available from the Products Network page.

Product Network Advanced Search A2V Advanced Search

feature is now available from the Product Network page and allows users to search for SBOMs by Vendor, license, CVE, malware, or component name.

Product Profiles

A2V’s Product Profiles have been redesigned to improve our user experience on the product pages. The Product Profiles now support 2 different types of SBOMs: Open Source SBOM and Supplier Provided SBOM and product versions to allow users to see and download SBOM Analysis for a specific version or type.

Vendor Profile Continuous Monitoring

User can now download historical Continuous Monitoring Report Enhanced by selecting the report’s month on the Continuous Monitoring Report Enhanced row of the reports table inside vendors profiles.


Version 2.18.0 of Fortress File Integrity Assurance (FIA) Application was released on September 27th, 2022, to provide an enhanced SBOM experience with advanced features.

Software Bill of Materials

SBOM Landing Page

Each individual SBOM in FIA now has a landing page providing users with SBOM main information and direct accesses to component insights and hashes comparison, dependency risks and VEX and exploitable vulnerabilities within the SBOM.

Component Analysis

Users now can compare the hashes of each component within an SBOM if there is a previous version of that SBOM available in FIA.