Fortress Platform Feature Updates

At Fortress, we deliberately listen to our clients and ensure that your security needs are met.. We understand that securing your most critical infrastructure is imperative, and we have a proven track record of analyzing a broad spectrum of third-party risk management services.

One tool we use for our analysis is the Fortress Platform, better known as FP, a critical care tool that shares customized Risk Ranks and stores Risk Assessments. These Risk Assessments allow you, our client, to make knowledgeable decisions about potential risk exposures that could impact your day-to-day operations. Through FP, we ensure that Risk Assessments are just a click away.

We are always seeking ways to make FP more aligned with our clients growing cyber security needs. As your needs grow, please continue to work with your account lead to address your business request.

Here are a few of the latest features that have been deployed within the Fortress Platform (FP):

1) Invite The Contributor

This enhancement will allow vendors to invite contributors to the assessment to be added as a contact within the Fortress Platform. Additionally, this feature has enhanced the ability to build your subscription address book and provide a quick reference of contributors who were not originally a part of the address book

2) Multi Value Custom Fields

This enhancement provides the ability for clients to have an additional field to further categorize their vendor’s risk.

3) Vendor Portal – Enhanced Date Picker

Vendors now have the ability on the vendor portal to select a date on a pop-up calendar when answering a question that requires a date.

Centralized Assessment Calendar

In partnership with the newly formed Critical Infrastructure Cyber Consortium (CICC), Fortress is rolling out a centralized assessment calendar covering the most common utility vendors, approximately 200 of them. The goal is to establish a 12-month calendar whereby the common vendors will be assessed on a defined schedule known to the utilities.

The benefits of this are as follows:

  • Allows A2V to maintain a current assessment on the vendors most common to the utilities; reduces assessment delivery time
  • Centralized tracking of finding remediation
  • Expected increase in the number of vendor assessments that can be shared
  • Enhances relationships with vendors: reassessment date is known, the assessment process is standardized, highlights to vendors demand from industry, work as a team to remediate findings

Fortress has kicked off this initiative and has currently reached out to approximately half of the vendors who are included on the central calendar to inform them of this effort and initiate new assessments.