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Today Fortress Information Security and govmates, a technology scouting platform, launched a partnership to improve supply chain cybersecurity for companies providing products and services to the federal government. Pairing Fortress’ ability to identify, flag, and provide data to support remediation of supply chain vulnerabilities with govmates’ approach to collaboration and rapid identification of innovative technologies, the partnership will help small and emerging businesses safely and profitably compete in the national security industrial space.

The Challenge

Presently, the federal government, large integrators, and traditional defense primes rely more and more on partners and subcontractors for critical products and services. Information, communications, and operational technology (ICT/OT) users rely on interconnected systems to provide solutions to business and government challenges alike. The resultant outcome is an increased vulnerability to network intrusions, hacks, and more sophisticated cyber-attacks. When a supply chain is compromised, its security can no longer be trusted. This has become one of the most significant challenges facing government and business leaders in the current market.

The Solution

With an ecosystem of over 4,000 non-traditional defense contractors, industry partners, academic institutions, and government stakeholders, govmates represents multiple technology verticals and capabilities in both the federal and commercial sectors.

The govmates matchmaking technology enables the federal government and industry primes to rapidly identify desired technologies and solutions. Utilizing algorithms and relevance scoring, govmates takes a formulaic and methodical approach to facilitating teaming partnerships in the federal contracting community.

Fortress Information Security is at the leading edge in ensuring the technology businesses and federal agencies use won't be used against them by adversaries or cyber criminals. Fortress uses its proprietary AI technology to allow companies to quickly assess their digital and physical supply chain for potential vulnerabilities. Traditional security programs consistently operate according to priorities and paradigms from past eras, resulting in antiquated and inadequate security systems. The Fortress Platform addresses the most current supply chain risks integrating and conducting multidimensional risk analysis and remediation of supply chain, manufacturing, IT, InfoSec, corporate governance, and contract risks. The result is a fact-based picture of where vulnerabilities exist and how they can be fixed before they become a contract disqualifier or a threat to national security.

Key Quotes

“We merge the best practices of technology and the human element to promote non-traditional defense contractors within the federal community. Given the cyber threats facing contractors and the national security workforce, as well as the speed of regulatory activity to combat these threats, it is critical that we help connect our members and government partners with the best technology available to address and stay ahead of both--Fortress’ Integrated Supply Chain Risk Management Solution does just that.”

- Stephanie Alexander, govmates

“New requirements and regulations can be time consuming and costly without partners that understand both the threat and regulatory environment.

By partnering together, we are helping to proactively address pain points that govmates member companies face in navigating this complex landscape. Our partnership will help us quickly and thoughtfully reach federal contractors of all sizes to assist in their security and compliance needs.”

- John Cofrancessco, VP for Government, Fortress Information Security

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