Nick Nilan Joins Leading Supply Chain Cybersecurity Provider for Critical Infrastructure

Orlando, FL

Nick Nilan has been named Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Fortress Information Security, America's leading supply chain cybersecurity provider for critical infrastructure organizations. Nilan is an expert leader in the development of partnerships between the Federal Government and the private sector to counter the clear and present threat to America’s digital supply chains.

As CRO, Nilan will be responsible for offering advanced cybersecurity solutions for government agencies, utilities and the industrial base supporting these sectors. America’s digital supply chains supporting government and critical infrastructure are subject to increasing attacks from foreign adversaries and bad actors. Nick will deliver on Fortress’ mission for supply chain cyber security, replacing our current attestation only approach with a trust but verify model. America’s most important and forward-thinking critical infrastructure suppliers have already hired Fortress to secure their digital supply chains and Goldman Sachs alongside other investors have invested considerably recognizing the effectiveness of Fortress’ technology and broader vetting capabilities.

In his numerous roles at Verizon, Nilan led Federal sales teams, product management for public sector, Federal marketing and more over the course of 19 years. He received numerous accolades including an innovation award from AFWERX and a Responsible 100 Award from City and State New York. Additionally, he serves as the current President of AFCEA DC, a non-profit organization serving to foster conversations on technology between industry and the National Security and Department of Defense communities.

"Cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) has garnered the attention of the top leaders at Federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies and as supply chains evolve and grow, it is more critical than ever to ensure the validation of all vendors," Nilan said. “Through its success in securing the commercial grid, mission enabling work at the US Navy, and now with the backing of Goldman Sachs, Fortress is well positioned to deliver on a cyber secure supply chain for the nation’s most critical industries from utilities to the Department of Defense. After building, selling and marketing mission critical network services in the Federal government for over 14 years, I am excited to join Fortress to ensure the defense of our nation is further enabled by a secure supply chain.”

“I am extremely confident in Nick because he understands the enormous responsibility to lead the private sector critical infrastructure to lock arms with the government to cyber secure our supply chains against the threats to our democracy – especially China’s aggression,” said Alex Santos, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Information Security. “Nick is a determined competitor whose rapid career progression shows his ability to win. Nick’s ability to recruit and bring highly talented people together along with his vision for having a strong, relationship-based culture is what made him the choice for such an important role. Add in how detailed his plan is for securing our critical industries and government agencies, along with a sustained desire to improve, and it’s easy to see why he’s been successful throughout his career"

About Fortress Information Security: Fortress secures critical infrastructure from cybersecurity risks with asset and vendor risk management solutions. Fortress is the only company that connects IT & OT assets and vendors with a holistic approach and unique solutions especially for the software supply chain.