Orlando-based cybersecurity company will share information to help America defend against cyber attacks  

Today, Fortress Information Security (Fortress) is announcing it is now part of the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC), America’s preeminent public-private sector partnership of cybersecurity organizations. Established by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in 2021, JCDC brings together cyber defenders to proactively gather, analyze, and share actionable cyber risk information to defend America against hostile cyber threat actors.   

As a united front, JCDC members enable synchronized and holistic cybersecurity planning, cyber defense, and robust responses to attackers. Fortress brings to JCDC its vast experience in building collaborations with organizations dedicated to producing supply chain security solutions for the U.S. power grid.  

 Fortress CEO and co-founder Alex Santos said it’s an honor and privilege to join with the other security companies working to protect the nation from cyber threat actors.  

  “We face unique challenges from around the world, but – thanks to incredible leadership and coordination from CISA – America’s cybersecurity companies have seen time and time again how collaboration can mitigate and neutralize even the smartest, most dangerous cyber attackers,” Santos said. “We’ve seen that hostile nation-states are finding devious ways to come after our critical infrastructure and government agencies. We look forward to answering the call from CISA and will work with JCDC members to protect the nation from these dangers.”  

 Collaboration is a core tenet of Fortress. Fortress’s Asset to Vendor network (A2V) and North American Energy Software Assurance Database (NAESAD) bring together critical infrastructure businesses and their vendors to deliver conclusive answers to software and hardware cybersecurity challenges. Fortress supports the goals of White House Executive Order 14028, including the call for software makers to share a Software Bill of Materials, or “SBOM,” listing the components used inside their products.  

 “JCDC provides leading companies with a place to share information and give guidance to the nation’s cybersecurity leaders,” said Tobias Whitney, Vice President of Strategy and Policy for Fortress. “These public-private partnerships work. We know because we team up with companies every day working to protect the nation from cyber threats. Teaming up with organizations dedicated to security makes all of us in critical infrastructure a little better and a little safer.”

About Fortress Information Security

Fortress secures North America's power and defense supply chains from cyberattacks on operational and critical enterprise technologies. Fortress' proprietary technology platform orchestrates North America's most advanced cyber supply chain risk management and vulnerability management programs. Fortress operates the Asset to Vendor network, which gives critical operators confidence that the products and services they obtain from others are cyber-safe. Fortress is a Goldman Sachs Portfolio Company.

About the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

Pursuant to new authority from Congress, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) established JCDC in August 2021 to transform traditional public-private partnerships into real-time private-public operational collaboration and shift the paradigm from reacting to threats and vulnerabilities to proactively planning and taking steps to mitigate them. JCDC combines the visibility, insight, and innovation of the private sector with the capabilities and authorities of the federal cyber ecosystem to collectively drive down cyber risk to the nation at scale. Learn more about JCDC at CISA.gov/JCDC.