AI represents a paradigm shift in cyber risk management practices - a game-changing development that's aptly demonstrated by Fortress' new AI Monitoring product suite. This AI-driven monitoring offers a transformative approach to third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) and cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) by significantly improving risk identification, issue resolution, and regulatory compliance across critical infrastructure organizations. 

Traditional risk management practices often struggle to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of cyber threats, especially with the growing number of third-parties that need to be monitored. And this is precisely where AI technologies, like the one offered by Fortress, come into play. By providing continuous AI Monitoring for Vendor Ecosystems and Products, Fortress introduces scalable risk visibility, an imperative in today’s complex attack landscape. 

AI Monitoring enhances risk detection and resolution and provides comprehensive visibility, enabling organizations to address potential security risks promptly. By continuously analyzing data, AI Monitoring ensures that any emerging threats or vulnerabilities are quickly identified and mitigated, thereby enhancing overall security and operational efficiency. 

Key Benefits of AI Monitoring

One of the key benefits Fortress' AI Monitoring suite brings is cost efficiency through intelligent automation. This degree of cost efficiency is critical as security budgets are leveling off and cyber threats increase in volume and intensity. The decrease in costs enables organizations to be more proactive in assessing a greater number of third-parties to discover and remediate issues before they become a problem. 

In order to operationalize the data and analysis from AI Monitoring, the Fortress Platform helps orchestrate data reporting and workflows for remediation. With this platform, organizations can effectively navigate their way through the often complex and overwhelming world of risk management for cybersecurity and supply chains. 


In summary, the use of AI in Fortress' new monitoring suite embodies a game-changing development in risk management for critical infrastructure. With its ability to enhance threat detection, improve risk resolution, and ensure regulatory compliance, it provides businesses with a powerful, practical, and cost-efficient solution to their risk management needs.