ANNOUNCEMENT: Remediate Risks Faster with Contextualized, Trusted, and Actionable AI Monitoring.

AI Monitoring

Less Fatigue, More Speed.

Fortress's AI Monitoring solution suite elevates cybersecurity and risk management, enabling faster and more reliable risk remediation across vendor ecosystems and product portfolios.

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Next-Level Security and Compliance

Fortress's AI Monitoring offers a scalable and comprehensive solution for your Third-Party Cyber Risk Management (TPCRM) program. With our advanced monitoring capabilities, you can gain conclusive insights to drive compliance and security decision-making.

Comprehensive Monitoring
Cover critical risk categories including Regulatory, Financial, Foreign Influence (FOCI), Operational, and Cybersecurity.
Enhanced Efficiency
Improve financial efficiency for security and compliance spend.
Elevated Compliance

Achieve next-level security and regulatory compliance.

Timely Alerts

Receive immediate notifications when critical risks are detected.

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Conventional Monitoring

  1. Voluminous Irrelevant Alerts: Supply Chains have many alerts across many domains, leaving risk management professionals overwhelmed.

  2. No Action:  Many monitoring solutions leave users with a list of problems that are not actionable.

  3. Zero Context: Without a clear understanding of how a vendor or product is being used in the environment, prioritization becomes challenging.

  4. Sprawling Toolset: Having multiple vendors providing risk management platforms, vendor assessment vendor monitoring and product security results in highly complex tech stacks.

  5. Limited Deployment Options: For those whose operations defend our freedom or keep the lights on, traditional public cloud, multi-tenant models may cause challenges when tying to mission and operational tasks.

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Fortress AI Monitoring

  1. Industry-Standardized Alerts: Energy and Defense playbooks ensure precious resources are focused to the risks that matter.

  2. Collaborate Resolution: Fortress' Asset to Vendor Network is used to facilitate resolution of identified risks with a do-once, share with many approach.

  3. Context Aware: Fortress Platform ensures that all findings are tied back to the missions and operations that they support.

  4. Simplification: Fortress brings comprehensive solutions to address all areas of third-party and cybersecurity supply chain risk management- from data, to platform, to exchanges, and managed services.

  5. Multiple Deployment Options: Fortress solutions are designed for the most critical missions offering private cloud and on-premises deployment options so that monitoring can be tied to mission rank.

Transform your cybersecurity approach with Fortress's AI Monitoring

Gain superior efficiency, faster response times, and enhanced compliance and security. Discover how AI Monitoring can optimize your risk management program. Get in contact with us.