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AI Monitoring

Fortress's AI Monitoring solution suite is designed to elevate cybersecurity and risk management to new heights enabling faster and more reliable risk remediation across vendor ecosystems and product portfolios.

Next-Level Security and Compliance

With cyber attacks on the rise, Fortress’s AI Monitoring provides a scalable and comprehensive solution to power your Third-Party Cyber Risk Management (TPCRM) program resulting in conclusive insights to drive compliance and security decision-making. 


It enables comprehensive monitoring across critical risk categories including: Regulatory, Financial, Foreign Influence (FOCI), Operational, and Cybersecurity.


With AI Monitoring, you can:

  • Deploy critical monitoring across your vendor and product portfolio.
  • Improve financial efficiency for security and compliance spend.
  • Receive timely alerts when critical risks are discovered.
  • Achieve next-level security and regulatory compliance.

Download our 1-pager to see how AI Monitoring can optimize your risk management program.

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Conventional Monitoring

  1. Costly Analysis: Manual human involvement is required for configuration, updates, and to analyze alerts resulting in increased costs.

  2. Slow Response:  Manual involvement significantly increases amount of time to analyze and monitor supply chain risks.

  3. Lacks Scalability: Lack of automation inhibits scalability, reducing the number of vendors that are evaluated thereby increasing unidentified risks.

  4. Alert Volume: Can result in a high number of alerts, including false positives, which necessitates additional review.

  5. Selected Data Retrieval: Conventional methods to retrieve data can be prone to breaking and will only retrieve select data.

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Fortress AI Monitoring

  1. Streamlined Analysis: Automated intelligence reduces need for human input using LLM’s to gather data and advanced algorithms to analyze risk and reducing costs up to 70%.

  2. Rapid Response: Decreases monitoring turn time by up to 80% with automation.

  3. Significant Scalability: Automation enables substantial scalability enabling analysis across vast supply chains.

  4. Smart Alerts: Reduces the noise of false positives, ensuring that the alerts generated are relevant and actionable.

  5. Intelligent Data Retrieval: Enables data to be retrieved consistently and reliably, empowering risks management initiatives.