The importance of protecting third-party supply chains came into full view in May 2021 with the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline. Ramifications of this attack were felt everywhere from gas stations to airlines to consumer wallets — and it was all because of one password breach in one small portion of the supply chain.

In March 2023, the Biden administration released its much-awaited National Cybersecurity Strategy, which advances "fundamental shifts in how the United States allocates roles, responsibilities, and resources in cyberspace." As the industry begins to understand these new regulations, organizations must prioritize and make decisions across a complex ecosystem of third-party products.

Random testing of your networks may find surface-level vulnerabilities, but they may not uncover the persistent threats underneath the surface.

During this 1-hour, on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Preparing, implementing, and operating a risk management program
  • Prioritizing risk at an enterprise level and why it matters
  • Assigning responsibility to the monitoring of your risk management program
  • Using HBOMs and SBOMs to analyze your current environment


  • Jacob Cox, Solutions Architect at Trideum Corporation
  • Andrea Schaumann, Director of Federal Programs & Partnerships at Fortress
  • Joe Hughes, Vice President of Supply Chain Risk Management at Fortress
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