When you think about cybersecurity and how it pertains to the energy grid, you have to consider the information asset owners and the suppliers need to operate.

On one hand, you have asset owners submitting RFPs asking for information about products. On the other hand, you have the suppliers who have to answer every RFP in a timely and sufficient manner, usually answering the same questions repeatedly.

To streamline this process, Fortress created the Asset to Vendor (A2V) Library. It acts as one central repository where suppliers can submit information about their products and asset owners access it. Whether a company is large or small in the industry, everyone has equal access to data in the A2V Library.

There are 40+ utilities companies in the library with 47,000+ vendors managed, and 2 million assets scanned daily.

During this 40-minute, on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the Fortress A2V Library is and how it works
  • How asset owners and suppliers should use the library
  • How the library streamlines the RFP process


  • Betsy Soehren-Jones, Fortress Chief Operating Officer
  • Nick Noll, Fortress Director of Business

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