One of the biggest challenges for your energy industry company is NERC CIP standards. Compliance is essential. Without it, your company will face potentially crippling fines.

What do leaders in the industry have to say about this, and what solutions have they found?

During this two-hour, on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Industry challenges regarding supply chain cybersecurity
  • Managing FOCI threats
  • Solutions for improving supply chain security with industry convergence
  • Common approaches to achieve reasonable assurance of supplier security practices


  • Josh Cohen: Trade and Partnerships Director at the Israel Trade and Economic Mission
  • Aviram Atzaba: Executive Director of International Cooperation at Israel National Cyber Directorate
  • Valerie Agnew: General Counsel at North American Transmission Forum
  • Tobias Whitney: Fortress Vice President of Strategy and Policy
  • Lew Folkerth: Principal Reliability Consultant at ReliabilityFirst
  • Yossi Appleboum: CEO and Co-founder of Sepio Systems
  • Jeffrey Sweet: Director of Security Assessments at American Electric Power
  • Yosi Schneck: Head of Cyber Entrepreneurship and Business Development at the Israel Electric Corp

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