Learn How to Successfully Operationalize SBOMs as an Electric Utilities Organization

Electric utilities are responsible for providing reliable and safe power to millions of customers. This requires maintaining complex infrastructure and safeguarding systems against growing cyber threats. 

One new tool that can help utilities improve their security posture is the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). SBOMs provide a detailed and centralized view of an organization's software components, enabling them to identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by threat actors. 

While SBOMs provide invaluable data to organizations looking to improve the security of their systems, it is often challenging to know what to do with that data. Effectively operationalizing an SBOM means obtaining, storing, managing, and leveraging its data so that it provides actionable intelligence. 

Our new ebook gives utilities professionals an introduction to successfully operationalizing SBOMs. It covers several useful topics, including:

What is an SBOM?
Why are SBOMs important for electric utilities?
Use cases for SBOM analysis
Visualization and workflow tools for analyzing SBOMs

Cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure are on the rise, meaning it is imperative to take measures to secure your organization's software from attacks. SBOM analysis is a proven method to do just that.

Learn more by downloading the eBook.