Orlando, FL

Fortress Information Security today joined forces with the Global Business Alliance (GBA) to offer industry-leading supply chain risk management and compliance solutions through GBA Sentinel, a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on helping global companies quickly identify and address potential supply chain and cyber vulnerabilities.

Global Business Alliance is the premiere voice of international companies in the US. GBA represents 200 of the largest international companies operating in the United States. Its members employ an average of 12,000 people in the US, in manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, and other sectors.

Fortress delivers actionable risk insights on the supply chain ecosystem of assets and vendors, enabling companies to mitigate their cybersecurity risks and assure regulatory compliance. Through GBA Sentinel, small- to medium-sized businesses will be able to comply with regulatory standards that have often been too expensive or complex to meet.

"Working with GBA Sentinel, we want to help eliminate barriers to entry. Understanding new supply chain security requirements and regulations can be time-consuming and costly for many businesses," Peter Kassabov, executive chairman and co-founder of Fortress Information Security. "GBA members now have a partner that enables them to compete for contracts that were previously unattainable. Critical infrastructure providers will now have access to a larger pool of innovative vendors, bolstering competition and defense."

The Fortress technology platform bolsters cybersecurity and meets an array of compliance standards, including NERC CIP, NIST 800, ISO 2700I, and other cybersecurity frameworks. As required by industry regulatory frameworks such as NRC, HIPAA, CCPA, etc., special documentation is also stored directly in the Platform. Proprietary assessments are also supported. In addition, C2M2, NDAA 889, Executive Order 14028 Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, DoDI 5000.90, CMMC, and other maturity models are captured in the Platform and measured over time.

For more information, contact Adam Benson at adam@vrge.us or 202.999.9104 or Nick Noll at nnoll@fortressinfosec.com or 407-573-6800.