Develops Standardized Means of Evaluating Cybersecurity for Drones

Fort Myers, FL

Fortress Information Security (Fortress) and the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) launched a cybersecurity certification program for commercial drones. Green Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) provides a standardized means of evaluating cybersecurity for commercial off-the-shelf drones, which are utilized by nearly every industry, including federal government agencies, local law enforcement, first responders, state departments of transportation, and industrial enterprise users such as energy and utilities, telecoms, manufacturing, food and agriculture, and logistics and mapping/surveying companies.

"We have developed a resource that enables enterprises to purchase secure UAS Systems," said Tobias Whitney, vice president of strategy and policy for Fortress. "Ultimately, Green UAS will be the first step for verifying the security of any uncrewed system, whether a drone, car, truck or ship. This game changer will enable cybersecurity to become critical criteria in the procurement process."

Supply chain security is the foundation for UAS Systems to reach their potential as vital components of U.S. national security, lifesaving products for first responders, and exploratory tools for the energy industry.

Green UAS , the first product of AUVSI’s broader Trusted Cyber Program, extends Fortress Information Security's expertise in supply chain security for critical industries and the U.S. Department of Defense. For more than three years, Fortress has operated the Asset to Vendor Network (A2V), an industry-wide joint venture of utility companies that shares risk information for more than 1 million products and 40,000 vendors.

"Our nation's most vital industries increasingly rely on UAS to perform mission-critical tasks. Our national security relies on cyber-secure UAS products," said Michael Robbins, Chief Advocacy Officer at AUVSI. "A standardized means of securing UAS products and their supply chains is the foundation for exponential innovation and the development of new uncrewed solutions."

Green UAS-certified products will meet the highest levels of cybersecurity and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) supply chain requirements. Green UAS mirrors the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) 's Blue UAS certification program but is designed for customers who do not immediately require Department of Defense (DoD) authority to operate.

Green UAS also offers a more streamlined pathway to the Blue UAS 2.0 cleared list. The assessed elements include product and device security, corporate cyber hygiene for UxS Systems seeking to go from Green to Blue, remote operations, and connectivity.

About Fortress Information Security

Fortress secures North America's power and defense supply chains from cyberattacks on operational and critical enterprise technologies. Fortress' proprietary technology platform orchestrates North America's most advanced cyber supply chain risk management and vulnerability management programs. Fortress operates the Asset to Vendor Network and the North American Energy Software Assurance Database, which give critical operators confidence that the products, services, and software they obtain from others are cyber-safe. Fortress is a Goldman Sachs portfolio Company.


The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) — the world's largest non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of uncrewed systems, autonomy and robotics — represents corporations and professionals from more than 60 countries involved in industry, government and academia. AUVSI members work in the defense, civil and commercial markets. For more information, visit