Orlando, FL, February 12, 2024 – America’s critical infrastructure is facing great challenges every day. FBI Director Christopher Wray recently said threat actors are attempting to ‘wreak havoc’ on our nation’s critical infrastructure. While our energy, communications, water, and transportation providers have done remarkable work protecting the goods and services we rely on daily, the companies that keep things running need a partner to ensure they have the very best protection. 


Fortress Information Security is committed to being that partner. For nearly a decade, Fortress has been the collaborative force behind securing critical infrastructure. We’ve empowered industry leaders to fortify the very assets and networks that underpin national security, economic vitality, and daily life. For us, critical infrastructure security is national security. 


Today, Fortress will unveil a new message, a new look, and – most importantly -  a new call for action. America needs cybersecurity companies committed to critical supply chain cybersecurity. Making sure our partners can keep the lights on, the water running, and people moving without disruption is Absolutely Critical. 


Absolutely Critical is as black and white as it sounds – we work with infrastructure companies and their vendors to keep America safe. Period. That thinking has inspired our new logo. This evolution signifies more than just an aesthetic overhaul; it embodies our heightened commitment to safeguarding U.S. federal agencies, energy sectors, and all critical infrastructure against persistent nation-state cyber threats. 


"Our collaborative journey with customers and partners has shaped what is today known as Supply Chain Risk Management and Vulnerability Management," said Alex Santos, CEO of Fortress Information Security. "With this rebrand, we're not merely keeping pace with the cybersecurity landscape—we're setting the standard. We're evolving to become the most comprehensive and conclusive critical supply chain cybersecurity provider." 


Absolutely Critical: Three Pillars of the Fortress Brand 


Collaborative: At Fortress, we believe in the collective power of partnership. We champion an ecosystem approach to cyber risk, generating the most accurate, real-time data through initiatives like the Asset to Vendor Library and the North American Energy Software Assurance Database. By sharing timely information, we drive forward as a united front against cyber threats, making collaboration not just a tactic, but a strategy.  


Comprehensive: As the guardians of cyber supply chain security, our reach is extensive, yet focused. We go beyond mere threat identification to offer a full spectrum of solutions. These range from exhaustive vendor and product assessments to Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) and Hardware Bill of Materials (HBOMs). Our comprehensive lens ensures that every vulnerability, visible or hidden, is addressed—making our solutions not just complete but actionable. 


Conclusive: There’s no room for ambiguity when security is at stake. Our approach is decisive, effective, and definitive. We turn data into actionable intelligence, offering conclusive insights that empower clients to make informed decisions swiftly. In a world awash in shades of grey, we see things in black and white.  


Fortress Information Security is more than a brand; it's a promise to be "Absolutely Critical" in securing the interconnected elements of today's critical infrastructure and public sectors. Together, we are illuminating the cyber shadows and fortifying futures. 



About Fortress 

Securing critical supply chains and cyber assets from evolving threats. 

Fortress. Absolutely Critical. 




North American Energy Software Assurance Database (NAESAD): An industry-wide collaborative database to create and share Software Bills of Materials (SBOM) in products used by utilities across North America.  NAESAD is led by several investor-owned utilities (including AEP, Southern, Xcel and Nisource) and managed by Fortress Information Security to create a comprehensive SBOM library for common vendors and suppliers.