Industry-Wide Effort to Address Risk to U.S. Power Grid Quicker, Cheaper, and More Efficiently

Orlando, FL

Fortress Information Security, the nation’s leading cybersecurity provider for critical infrastructure organizations with digitized assets, began the next phase of helping the U.S. power grid become stronger and more resilient. Earlier this year, Fortress launched the Asset to Vendor (A2V) library, a central repository of cyber risk information of vendors providing services and devices to grid operators. Information on corporate structure, manufacturing locations, cyber assets, risk trends, information, and vulnerabilities is now centrally located and can be linked together and communicated effectively for appropriate actions and responses. Fortress gathered feedback from the grid operators and vendors to standardize the information reports, remediation findings, zero trust reviews, and issue resolution reports.

“Risk identification and analysis is great, but risk remediation is even better,” said Betsy Soehren-Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Fortress Information Security. “We are so glad to see grid operators and vendors come together to tackle an issue that makes the U.S. power grid stronger and more resilient. We know that thousands of vendors serve multiple utilities. Remediating risk for one vendor will have exponential cybersecurity benefits across the entire industry.”

Information on more than 40,000 companies resides in the A2V Library. Fortress has collaborated with nine of the ten largest investor-owned power companies, including A2V founding partners American Electric Power and Southern Company, to secure products utilized by more than 40% of the U.S. power grid. Fortress actively monitors more than 1 million external assets and manages more than $25 billion in emerging risks.

About Fortress Information Security
Fortress Information Security secures critical industries from cybersecurity and operational threats stemming from vendors, assets, and software in their supply chains. Fortress is the only end-to-end platform that connects intelligence surrounding vendors, information technology and operational technology assets, and software through a holistic, fit-for-purpose approach. Fortress has also partnered with its customers and suppliers to form the Asset-to-Vendor (A2V) network, which facilitates the secure and seamless exchange of asset information and security intelligence, enabling collaborative workflows to better understand and remediate potential issues. Fortress serves critical industries such as energy, government, aerospace & defense, critical manufacturing, industrial automation, automotive, and healthcare.

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