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Government Solutions

Cyber risk management tools and services for the cyber supply chain that our national security depends on

"There are so many threat vectors– Russia, China, North Korea, independent actors, dark web activity and ransomware among others. This is the hottest topic we’ve got as a country, and I think everybody’s running scared right now on this issue. Fortress is the solution– they deliver capabilities that nobody else has today. Period."


Vice Admiral Albert Thomas “Tom” Church III
U.S. Navy (retired), former Navy Inspector General

We help support national security by providing tools that make it possible to manage collective risk, such as the vulnerabilities presented by DoD suppliers and their extended supply chain.

Whether it is open-source code or hardware components that keep the lights on, water safe, and our military operational. There isn't a facet of civilization that is not completely dependent on the technology supply chain. It is now the primary target for bad actors. Third party cyber risk goes beyond basic cyber hygiene to focus on threats posed by the entire technology supply chain.

Government Solutions

Orchestration & Visualization Platform

Orchestrate strategic third party risk processes and continuously monitor a wide variety of threats to identify weaknesses across your technology footprint.

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Supply Chain Security Network & Exchange

Shared and dedicated security exchanges make it possible to assess and manage cyber supply chain risk at scale– providing a single gateway for receiving and validating records from your entire vendor population.

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Product Security Tools and Services

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities at the component level based on business impact, historical data, CVSS scores, threat intelligence and threat scenarios.

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We work to help ensure that the technology supply chain that supports our nation’s security isn't compromised. 

Today organizations rely more and more on partners and subcontractors for critical products and services. Information, communications, and operational technology (ICT/OT) depends upon the continuity of interconnected systems.

This means a much broader attack surface and increased vulnerability to network intrusions and hacks targeting third party technologies. When a supply chain is compromised, its security can no longer be trusted. This is one of the most significant challenges facing government and business leaders today.

How do we win an invisible war?

Adversarial nations are driving more and more resources into penetrating our technology supply chain. The biggest battlefield is no longer in the field, in the air, or at sea, it's in cyber space.

Government and industry must work hand in hand to institute thoughtful and actionable frameworks that yield traceable and enforceable best practices for cyber risk management. Guidance such as DODI 5000.90, NDAA Section 889 parts (a) & (b), and the recent executive order focused on national security highlight the magnitude of risk and the need for a broad but agile solution.

Purpose-built solutions for automating risk identification and remediation at scale are crucial to maintaining an agile cyber supply chain risk strategy. Out-of-the-box, Fortress provides tools and processes that align with and facilitate managing third-party risk requirements.

Speak with an expert.

The Fortress Assessment team is made up of industry leaders with deep expertise in validated control assessments, TPRM, and certifications including CISA, CISSP, CompTIA Security+, and CTPRP.