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A Unique Approach to Vulnerability Management

Identify and classify suppliers, leverage data driven risk evaluations and analyst assessments,
and facilitate continuous monitoring and remediation workflows.

Discover a unique, multidimensional approach to vulnerability management

The Fortress vulnerability management program identifies and classifies suppliers, provides data driven risk evaluations and analyst assessments, and facilitates continuous monitoring and remediation workflows, including configuration management and file authenticity assurance.

Our approach is unique because our analysis begins at the most basic level with the component. Our tools and services help to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on business impact, historical data, CVSS scores, threat intelligence and threat scenarios. Structured data feeds provide vulnerability information while patching cadence is identified and compared to vulnerability release dates. Over 65 product security controls are validated based on publicly available information, such as product guides and web searches. 

Guidance through remediation and beyond

The Fortress assessment team is comprised of industry-leading experts who hold numerous certifications along with ample experience in performing validated control assessments. Our team does not simply place a band-aid over a vulnerability finding; our industry experts offer their continuous support and security education to provide future security along with present remediation. 

Customize and automate remediation plans

The ability to automate risk identification and remediation is undoubtedly crucial to maintaining an agile compliance program.

Fortress Platform provides the ability to initiate a scan on a company (or many companies) and instantly returns insights key to identifying risk. These include a company’s predicted inherent risk, cyber hygiene, geographical footprint, and alerts for potential relationships to entities banned by emerging regulations. Additionally, we offer your company leaders with the tools to translate this data into an actionable remediation plan. Fortress provides processes for mitigating risk internally with the vendor, accepting the risk, or validating evidence of remediation after issues arise. We establish how and when controls will be established, and Fortress analysts further follow up with the vendor to establish resolution.

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The Fortress Assessment team is made up of industry leaders with deep expertise in validated control assessments, TPRM, and certifications including CISA, CISSP, CompTIA Security+, and CTPRP.

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