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How Fortress Provides Cyber Supply Chain Threat Intelligence

Cyber risk management tools and services for the cyber supply chain that our national security depends on

File Integrity Assurance (FIA)

FIA provides integrity and authenticity validation for software while also automatically checking for software updates. Result is hashed using SHA-256 and made available via blockchain access.

Fortress employs several different methods to evaluate and secure the entire supply chain of your organization. As cyber threats continuously evolve, so do the technologies and industry approaches to discovery, mitigation, and remediation.

Analyzing the bill of materials (BOM) of the software and hardware used by your organization and its vendors, is a major component of maintaining the latest threat intelligence. By verifying the source of software and hardware components, we gain invaluable insight into the likelihood of a compromised system and how to manage the associated risk.

Strength in Numbers

We believe that successful cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) methodologies and processes rely upon industry outreach and collaboration. This belief is founded on the knowledge that visibility and accountability.