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NAESAD: Securing the Energy Supply Chain

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Welcome to the North American Energy Software Assurance Database (NAESAD): An industry-wide collaborative database to create and share Software Bills of Materials (SBOM) in products used by utilities across North America.

The U.S utilities industry is banding together to help suppliers identify and remediate vulnerabilities in software managing mission-critical applications for the U.S. energy industry.

NAESAD is led by several investor-owned utilities and managed by Fortress Information Security to create a comprehensive SBOM library for common vendors and suppliers.


  • Includes largest Inventory of SBOM Assurance Data: NAESAD is committed to developing and maintaining the largest database of SBOM, component risk, and exploitability database.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: SBOM component analyses provided by NAESAD provides the most comprehensive and automated risk analysis.
  • Validated Through Research: Fortress and partner organizations ensure supplier-provided information is corroborated with security research (including binary analysis).

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