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Gonda Lamberink

Vice President of Critical Manufacturing

As Vice President of Critical Manufacturing, Lamberink is responsible for Fortress’ Manufacturing business and verticals growing C-SCRM solutions with manufacturers that are part of critical infrastructure supply chains. Critical Manufacturing focus includes communication, automation and processor equipment and technologies in Telecom/ICT, Industrial Automation, Commercial Facilities, Pharma, Healthcare and Transportation sectors.
Gonda Lamberink Headshot

Professional Experience

Lamberink as business owner drives Critical Manufacturing go-to-market strategy and execution, sales, marketing and product management. Prior to joining Fortress Information Security, Lamberink worked for almost 9 years at UL and was responsible for developing IoT security solutions and business focused on smart home, smart building, industry 4.0 and connected vehicle market segments. In earlier years at UL, Lamberink worked on securing digital payments based on EMV chip technology and for e- and m-commerce. Prior to UL, Lamberink worked as a strategy consultant with PwC Transaction Services in Amsterdam and as an economist with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Lamberink is a lawyer and an economist by training.

Industry Leadership

Lamberink brings a keen understanding of supply chain security risk management and OT/IoT security, and actively participates in policy debates, influences regulatory and industry demand drivers, and develops wide-ranging customer and stakeholder relationships. Lamberink contributes regularly through various policy and industry groups as cybersecurity thought-leader and expert on a range of relevant topics.


Lamberink is an active member of female leadership, women in tech and cybersecurity, and LGBTQ+ professional communities and organizations focused on greater diversity and inclusion.


Lamberink holds LL.M. and M.A. degrees in Law and Economics from the University of Hamburg, Germany and M.Sc. and B.A. degrees in International Economics and Business and LL.M. and B.A. degrees in International and European Law from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.