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Continuously Monitor Risks for Suppliers and Products 

Detect compliance and security risk for both suppliers and products in real-time

Develop a Dynamic Risk Profile by Combining Live Third-party Threat Intelligence With Data-driven Recommendations.

As third party technology becomes the preferred attack vector for bad actors, there is a growing need for quicker detection and response amongst third party technology providers. But there can be significant administrative and technological hurdles in adopting a uniform risk management strategy across disparate business units. Coupled with intense regulatory pressure, organizations are tasked with demonstrating sufficient evidence of policies and processes for reduced risk.

The externally visible cyber posture of your suppliers is a good leading indicator of internal cyber hygiene, and at a bare minimum, is the first step in prioritizing risk across your supply chain.

Fortress Platform continuously detects risk for both an organization's suppliers and products by identifying and evaluating application and server vulnerabilities, known breaches, compromised assets, secure protocol configuration and certificates, domain name server configuration, dark web activity, and more. The Fortress continuous monitoring team gathers compliance, vulnerability, and breach data from a variety of sources, including EPA, HIPAA, and OFAC.

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Fortress Platform makes it possible to orchestrate strategic processes and continuously monitor a wide variety of threats to identify weaknesses in your technology footprint.

Continuous Monitoring for Critical Supply Chains

Fortress provides an always-on information security platform, which continuously maps and monitors your entire IT and OT supplier ecosystem. We partner with enterprises to develop a dynamic risk profile that combines external third party threat intelligence with data-driven recommendations to shorten time to identification and remediation. 

Application Security & Vulnerabilities


Known Breaches

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Secure Protocol Configuration


Compromised Assets


Domain Name Server Configuration


Dark Web Activity

Learn how to upgrade your organization’s cyber supply chain diligence while advancing your digital transformation.