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Energy & Utilities

Fortress was built in partnership with US Investor-Owned Utilities who needed a method and defined set of tools to
overcome security and compliance challenges associated with third party risk management.

"Utilities have a long history of working together to overcome challenges and securing our mutual supply chain through A2V is just the latest example. A2V offers the opportunity for companies to collaborate and help share expertise and best practices."


Tom Wilson, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for Southern Company

Dynamic threats require dynamic solutions.

The goal of our work with energy utilities is to arm companies on the front line of the nation’s critical infrastructure with the tools needed to defend themselves and make informed decisions when evading threats and fortifying their networks.

Fortress sets out to illuminate the entire cyber supply chain; from the application developers who share a hand in the development of these systems, to the physical environment of each utility. Fortress’ supply chain solution ensures that every step, every component, and every piece of technology is ultimately made transparent through our services.

Solutions for Critical Industry

Orchestration & Visualization Platform

Orchestrate strategic third party risk processes and continuously monitor a wide variety of threats to identify weaknesses across your technology footprint.

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Supply Chain Security Network & Exchange

Shared and dedicated security exchanges make it possible to assess and manage cyber supply chain risk at scale– providing a single gateway for receiving and validating records from your entire vendor population.

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Product Security Solutions

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities at the component level based on business impact, historical data, CVSS scores, threat intelligence and threat scenarios.

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Our mission is to help ensure that the critical infrastructure that supports the nation’s supply chain is wholly secured.

The average electric power organization operates many of the most sensitive and operationally impactful technologies in the world.  Cyber threats are dynamic and complex security incidents occur routinely. These incidents may be caused by a disgruntled employee or individual bad actor, or an adversarial nation-state initiating an act of aggression.

Risk Management Made Easy for Public Power

Fortress created the A2V Network because we believe that security should be accessible to all organizations, big and small. Traditional third-party risk assessment services are a major financial undertaking for any business. Critical industries that lack budget and infrastructure to support initial vetting and continuous monitoring of their vendor network are left vulnerable to breaches.

The A2V Network provides load balancing of costs to ensure that a well-developed risk management program is affordable and available for organizations that support critical infrastructure, no matter their size. 

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Fortress Platform makes it possible to orchestrate strategic processes and continuously monitor a wide variety of threats to identify weaknesses in your technology footprint.

Learn how to upgrade your organization’s cyber supply chain diligence while advancing your digital transformation.