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Critical Manufacturing

Cyber risk management tools and services for the cyber supply chain that our nation depends on

"Utilities are required to conduct cybersecurity assessments of technology vendors to remain in compliance with regulatory requirements. By sharing information through Fortress, Hitachi Energy is helping to simplify the process and is also reducing the amount of effort and cost involved in completing multiple similar assessments. This in turn frees up resources for all concerned, enabling us to focus on our core business– supporting strong, reliable and resilient grids.”


David Goddard, Chief Digital Officer, Hitachi Energy

A challenge and an opportunity to achieve deeper transparency throughout the technology supply chain.

Critical manufacturers are uniquely challenged by the vast network of component providers and manufacturing subsidiaries that make up their operational landscape. So many points of failure make manufacturers prime targets for IP theft, reputational damage and the operational disruptions that come with cyber threats.

A single source of truth for security and compliance.

The added challenge of demonstrating a strong cyber posture with external stakeholders is often an unnecessary burden on resources. Fortress provides a single source of truth for security and compliance. Our data exchange and orchestration platform not only serve as a critical resource for infrastructure and government entities, they also act as a platform 

  • Be recognized.

    Be seen as a responsive partner that supports security and compliance needs.

  • Work smarter.

    Reduce resource investments of completing assessments; complete it once and share with many, eliminating redundancies.

  • Stay in control.

    Maintain control over who your assessment is shared with as written authorization is requested prior to sharing.

  • Stay vigilant.

    Keep resources focused on security (i.e. validation) vs. completing security assessments.

  • Be prepared.

    Develop an inventory of your software and hardware products to continously manage and monitor risks to your business.

  • Stay alert.

    Monitor real time security threats while mitigating compliance exposure.

Solutions for Critical Industry

Orchestration & Visualization Platform

Orchestrate strategic third party risk processes and continuously monitor a wide variety of threats to identify weaknesses across your technology footprint.

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Supply Chain Security Network & Exchange

Shared and dedicated security exchanges make it possible to assess and manage cyber supply chain risk at scale– providing a single gateway for receiving and validating records from your entire vendor population.

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Product Security
Tools and Services

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities at the component level based on business impact, historical data, CVSS scores, threat intelligence and threat scenarios.

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Leverage industry knowledge and expertise from an independent 3rd party.

Fortress also offers cost-effective complete supply chain risk management and holistic assessment solutions such as Security Risk Assessment Reports, Data-Driven Vendor Assessment reports, and Data-Driven Risk Rank reports that can support your security posture. Use Fortress’ risk rankings and repositories as a competitive differentiator.


Challenges for critical manufacturers:

  • Management of cyber supply chain risk relies heavily on people encumbered by disjointed processes and spreadsheets
  • Difficult or impossible to cover entire cyber supply chain, especially continuously or in a dynamic way
  • Inefficient or manual processes
  • Limited visibility into OT vulnerabilities
  • Challenges related to having to complete the same assessment multiple times rather than having a single source of truth to represent security posture
  • The traditional third-party risk assessment process is time-consuming, and many assessments are asking similar questions but worded slightly different.
  • Lack of options to get a holistic view of security posture

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The Fortress Assessment team is made up of industry leaders with deep expertise in validated control assessments, TPRM, and certifications including CISA, CISSP, CompTIA Security+, and CTPRP.

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