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Speak with an Expert


Software Bill of Materials Overview

Thursday, May 12 | 11am ET

Join us for a complete playbook of SBOMs and their integral role in supply chain security.

Fortress VP Tony Turner will be presenting key use cases for any software consumers looking to get started using SBOMs for procurement, vulnerability management, incidence response, and software assurance activities.
SBOMs are rapidly gaining attention within the cybersecurity industry as a tool that can make software integrity a more streamlined process. SBOMs have already proven themselves invaluable to vulnerability management as the Log4j vulnerability was discovered across thousands of products – software consumers are now eager to receive actionable guidance on how to integrate SBOMs into their security practices.
Attendees should expect to gain the following insights:
  • Why are SBOMS important?
  • How do I get started using SBOMs?
  • How are SBOMs created?
  • How are SBOMs shared?
  • How and how often should I request them?
  • What is the difference between SBOM formats such as SPDX and Cyclone DX
  • What is a VEX and how does it help me?