ANNOUNCEMENT: Get Software Supply Chain Accountability with a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

SBOMs for Securing Software Supply Chains

SBOMs help resolve vulnerabilities, both present and future 

As uncertainty around patch development and lack of both consistency and relevance in vulnerability databases present a challenge, SBOMs provide critical transparency to secure your software supply chain through: 

  • Enabling organizations to weigh vulnerabilities by relevance 
  • Automating identification of both existing and new vulnerabilities 
  • Bolstering security from a component’s introduction into an organization’s systems during the procurement process 

Proactively secure OT, IT, and IoT

Fortress’s vulnerability management solution ensures cyber resilience in complex operational environments to identify and remediate cyber issues quickly and efficiently. Fortress vulnerability management is the only cybersecurity tool your enterprise organization needs to manage the vulnerability lifecycle.

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