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Product Security and Compliance Assessments

Thursday, July 28| 11am EDT

Learn how Fortress Product Assessments can illuminate security and compliance risks for in-use and prospective IT/OT products.

It is of utmost importance that organizations possess an understanding of how hardware and software components of the products they use can impact regulatory requirements and compliance for their organization.
HBOM and SBOM analysis focuses on the presence of banned entities, as defined under NDAA section 889 and relevant Executive Orders. Using Fortress’ Product Assessments, manufacturers of the product, and/or those that supply related parts, are analyzed for risks due to Foreign Ownership Control and Influence (FOCI) from adversarial nations and any relationships with banned entities.
Attendees of this webinar should expect to gain an understanding of the following:
  • Product security controls assessments aligned to various regulatory frameworks (i.e., NIST, NERC CIP, IEC 62443, etc.)
  • Recommendations on how to configure an asset when the default state of a product is not compliant
  • Product vulnerabilities and how the timeliness for addressing those vulnerabilities by the manufacturer could impact compliance and risk for your organization