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Patch Management for Securing the Homeland

File Integrity Assurance fuels software validation for NIST 800-53 and 800-40.

Patch management for defense, security, and the defense industrial base requires scrutiny across availability monitoring, authentication, integrity evaluation, and auditable reporting. Fortress FIA streamlines verification by:    

  • Converting the manual patch download regime to one of continuous availability monitoring, reducing cost savings of up to 47% 
  • Establishing safeguards for sensitive data to create stakeholder trust 
  • Reducing outdated software components for operational reliability  
  • Ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance 

Proactively secure OT, IT, and IoT

Fortress’s vulnerability management solution ensures cyber resilience in complex operational environments to identify and remediate cyber issues quickly and efficiently. Fortress vulnerability management is the only cybersecurity tool your enterprise organization needs to manage the vulnerability lifecycle.

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