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Foundations for SCRM

Value-driven Supply Chain Risk Management. 

Establish your foundation for securing cyber supply chains. 


As supply bases shift due to the latest global events and compliance standards, Fortress lays the foundation for security and resilience in cyber supply chains in a way most relevant to your organization.


This guide presents some key considerations for you to successfully:

  • Determine a unified view for rapid scaling across divisions
  • Provide a frictionless environment for curating C-SCRM information
  • Navigate uncertainty to yield results and update for continual improvement
The Fortress


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A unified view of risk posture across products and vendors combats data silos, inefficiencies, and inconsistencies between groups, allows rapid scaling across the organization.


Fueled by a 92%+ success rate in vendor cooperation, our Asset to Vendor (A2V) network provides a frictionless ecosystem for determining, tracking, and safely and reliably sharing C-SCRM information.


Managed services infused with a deep familiarity of critical supply chains, relevant data procurement, and top-notch analysis helps navigate uncertainty for definitive results.

Find your data-driven solution.

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