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Fortress Platform is an integrated risk management system for supervising and contextualizing third-party cyber risk. It includes a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to illuminate your supply chain, mitigate risk exposure, and manage responses to both supplier and product risk. Leverage powerful visualization tools to help prioritize risk and response to its findings. This solution leverages a wide range of integrations, enabling our clients to get more value out of their existing technology investments. 

Automate findings and remediation.

The Findings process within Fortress Platform remediates risk using a number of different mechanisms. For risk that has a single step in risk remediation or acceptance, the Platform reconciles those in the Tracking tab. More complicated findings, however, require collaboration between the involved parties.

Using the workflow engine function in this module, Fortress manages evidence collection and establishes a remediation plan. We then implement and validate that remediation, ideally closing out the finding at each step. We assign a responsible individual or business unit, as well as a target completion date, and notify participants when action on their part is required. All comments and supporting evidence are catalogued as the risk is being remediated.

Streamline policy and procedure management.

The Policies and Procedures module allows you to ingest customer policy information and map it to relevant regulatory framework. While evaluating these customer policies within the Platform, you are able to clearly determine which compensating or mitigating control has been applied to best meet the policy requirement. Users are also able to view internal questionnaires and surveys that have been performed to assess compliance with this policy in comparison to relevant regulatory framework.

Automate procurement processes.

After the initial set-up within the Platform, Fortress begins by creating a procurement path questionnaire. This questionnaire is automatically assigned and completed by the client's vendors. Additionally, the platform is able to assess the efficacy and ability of various vendors to meet customer needs. If there are multiple products within the scope of procurement or contracting, those will be captured within the Procurement feature.

Build and automate surveys and campaigns to better manage vendor risk.

The Surveys functionality allows customers to build their own surveys and questionnaires with scoring methodologies. These surveys and questionnaires support multiple question types and manage any additional comments or supporting evidence for each vendor response.

Once a survey has been built out, it can be sent to the supplier and accessed via the Fortress Platform Portal. There, the supplier completes the questions, provides supporting evidence, makes comments, and awaits reviewal from a Fortress Platform operator.

The Campaigns functionality is utilized when a client us ready to assess or survey a collection of vendors. This invaluable feature makes it possible to conduct a survey amongst multiple recipients and then compares their responses.


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