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Governance Committee Quarterly Meeting

Golden, Colorado | Monday, August 15 - Wednesday, August 17

Join us in Golden for a forum on supply chain security and risk 

The Asset to Vendor Network Governance Committee (AGC) will convene August 15-17 in Golden, Colorado. Join us to collaborate and meet face-to-face with industry stakeholders to explore and address dynamic and emerging supply chain security and risk challenges.

As evident in most critical infrastructure proceedings, industry outreach and collaboration are an important to achieving both visibility and progress in building out universal cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) methodologies and processes. The AGC convenes stakeholder organizations that are an essential voice in these discussions.

A2V Governance Committee Charter

The primary duties and function of the AGC are summarized as follow:

1.1 Standards and Industry Best Practices Adoption

While A2V is a privately operated network of energy companies and suppliers, the manner in which supplier information is obtained and shared with A2V members is dependent on the ability to adhere to industry standards and practices to ensure consistency amongst all parties involved. The AGC will review A2V standards adherence and identify existing or emerging standards that may apply to A2V.

1.2 Industry Reporting and Metrics

Fortress A2V possesses over 1000 validated reports and nearly 40,000 data driven assessments that consist of information that can be compared and analyzed to help determine trends of industry performance and practices. A2V supply chain risk management data will be used to report to industry and identify benchmark criteria. The AGC will help to determine how best to curate and how to best share performance data to industry, policy makers and standards bodies.

1.3 Product Roadmap Review & Input

Fortress’ product roadmap is highly dependent on A2V member feedback and peer reviews of related products and solutions. The AGC will review Fortress’ product roadmap and provide feedback and suggestions for new features or functionality.

1.4 Communications and Industry Outreach

As evident in most critical infrastructure proceedings, industry outreach and communication plans are critical to achieving visibility and buy-in from industry stakeholder groups. The AGC will identify stakeholder organizations that are essential for coordinating communications. In addition, the AGC will identify key stakeholders for industry outreach and help arrange meetings to support effective communications.

1.5 Security

Security is a product and solution feature that is omnipresent in all Fortress’ activities and business functions. The AGC will review Fortress security reports and suggest means to continuously improve the access control, monitoring and results of Fortress security and controls functions. The execution of the security recommendations provided by the AGC will be the responsibility of Fortress staff.

Committee Members
Fortress solutions are built in close collaboration with a focus group of industry experts. The A2V Governance committee (AGC) was founded to discuss technology solutions that can address industry challenges related to supply chain cyber risk and security; the Fortress product roadmap is regularly adapted based on the valuable feedback and suggestions that come out of working sessions with its members.
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The Denver Marriot West is located in Golden, Colorado. Known for its beautiful rolling foothills in the Rocky Mountain range, Golden is the perfect destination for both work and relaxation. It is a short distance from zoos, gardens, museums, and the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre. 


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Registration is now open exclusively to A2V Governance Committee members. Please RSVP soon.