ANNOUNCEMENT: Get Software Supply Chain Accountability with a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

EO14028 for Cyber Supply Chain Security

Streamline attestation and POA&M facilitation for authoritative validation.

With the collection of attestations being mandated by Executive Order 14028 Section 4, efficient validation of Software Bill of Materials has never been more vital. Fortress can help you centralize, curate, prioritize, and streamline for a robust cyber defense:      

  • Centralize and secure attestations, SBOMs, and other compliance artifacts 
  • Share and curate compliance artifacts, subject to confidentiality rules 
  • Independent controls assessments for security and compliance gaps 
  • Impact-driven prioritization for efficient vulnerability resolution 
  • Tracking, reporting, documentation, and auditing features  

Proactively secure OT, IT, and IoT

Fortress’s vulnerability management solution ensures cyber resilience in complex operational environments to identify and remediate cyber issues quickly and efficiently. Fortress vulnerability management is the only cybersecurity tool your enterprise organization needs to manage the vulnerability lifecycle.

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