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What are Data Driven Risk Ranks? (DDRRs)

In a world driven by data, staying informed about who you do business with and what risk your vendors carry is more important than ever. Our solution for understanding vendor risk comes in the form of Data-Driven Risk Ranks (DDRRs). DDRRs are a tool that will provide quick insights into vendors, identifying which vendors bring risk to your environment and should be prioritized for monitoring and assessments. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven insights that empower you to continue to run your business with an understanding of what risks your vendors may inherently carry.

As a part of National Cybersecurity Month, we're giving 10 complimentary DDRRs to those curious about their current vendor risks.

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Why Data-Driven Risk Ranks (DDRR's)?

Risk Assessment – Using web crawlers, cyber scanners, and machine learning, we collect intelligence and identify company service classifications and risk factors for a vendor.

Understanding Risk Areas - We turn bulk data into risk intelligence across nine domains:

  • Internet system access
  • Cloud presence
  • Public Data access
  • Financial Information
  • Fourth party affiliations
  • Offshore footprint
  • Physical location access
  • Cyber and Compliance Reputation
  • Strategic relationships

Intelligent and Actionable Recommendations - Receive actionable insights to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

Promotional Terms and Conditions  

 These Promotional Terms and Conditions are supplemental to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Promotional Terms”). 

 Eligible Registrants will receive ten (10) Fortress Data-Driven Risk Ranks (“DDRR”) at no cost to the Registrant, subject to these Promotional Terms. 

  • One individual from each company or domain name may enter the promotion being offered by Fortress and the company must not be a current customer of Fortress (“Eligible Registrant”). 
  • The individual seeking to enter the promotion must via here [link], complete the form for the offer [link], and submit (the “Entry Form”).   
  • The number of winners is limited to the first one hundred (100) Eligible Registrants to submit an Entry Form. 
  • Based on the information the Eligible Registrant provided in the Entry Form, Fortress will prepare DDRR in its Fortress Platform, Fortress’ proprietary software solution.  For the Eligible Registrant to receive the DDRR, the Eligible Registrant must attend a phone call with video capabilities, with a representative from Fortress’ Sales team.  The Fortress Sales team member will provide a preview of the DDRR via the Fortress Platform.   Following the phone call, if Eligible Registrant requests, Fortress will send the Eligible Registrant PDF copies of the DDRR reports.  Any DDRR reports provided to the Eligible Registrant are for internal use only and are subject to the legal disclaimers and restrictions provided therein.   
  • This promotion is subject to availability.  Fortress reserves the right to end a promotion at any time.   
  • Fortress shall not be liable for any loss arising out of the refusal, cancellation, or withdrawal of any promotion or any failure or inability of an Eligible Registrant to take advantage of the promotion for any reason. 
  • No purchase or payment is required to enter to win the DDRR.