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Cybersecurity Trends and Solutions in Utility Finance

Thursday, June 9  | 12pm EDT

Join us, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, for a discussion of security risks and solutions for utility finance professionals.

As the only software and data provider focused on utility financial security, Fortress will be providing invaluable insight into how you can maintain operational excellence in today’s high-risk cybersecurity environment.
Because corporate Finance, Treasury, and Strategy teams are under constant pressure to maintain seamless operations while managing complicated and evolving security threats, Fortress is providing this special learning hour to teach management strategy for many emerging financial situations including:
  • Delayed acquisitions due to Russian exposure
  • The increasing demand of the SEC 10-k disclosures for cyberattack incidence response
  • Banks requiring utilities to prove supply-chain independence from foreign adversarial nations before extending corporate debt
Attendees of this learning hour should expect to gain an understanding of major cyber risks as utility finance professionals and increased awareness of how to identify and mitigate these risks. Additional topics of discussion will include basic cyber hygiene reviews as part of due diligence, SWIFT and SEC compliance, as well as incident response and 10k filings.