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Norm Willox


Board Director

Norman Willox, after a very rewarding career as an operating executive and board member within the cyber risk and
analytics industry, is now a cross-functional investor, board member and executive advisor focused on accelerating
national security, dual use technology companies. These technologies must be deemed critical and emerging by the
United States for national security purposes. For his entire career, he has stood at the leading edge of the Fourth
Industrial Revolution. Mr. Willox leverages his knowledge of government and commercial operations including global
information supply chains, cyber security, terrorism, international crime, intelligence, insider threat and privacy.

He helps organizations create sustainable government and commercial business models that accelerate critically needed technologies through effective use of capital markets. Currently, Mr. Willox serves as Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Bluewater International, which was created in 2009. Bluewater is a leading national
security firm that helps bring forth critical and emerging technologies through advisement, investments and acceleration, which is required for national security dual use technologies.

Prior to founding Bluewater International, Mr. Willox co-founded Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions Company in 2001, one of the fastest growing portfolio companies for Reed Elsevier. After September 11th, Mr. Willox started several government companies, including LNSSI, a classified company to deal with the development and integration of critically needed dual use technology platforms required by the emerging threat of global terrorism and cybercrime.

Working with executives from the White House, Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Willox helped lead the development of the Office of National Risk Assessment (ONRA) at the newly formed Department of Homeland Security. ONRA was responsible for developing and architecting many
automated national information risk predictive and prescriptive programs needed to combat threats from terrorists, international criminal organizations and nation states. In addition, Mr. Willox is an experienced board member and serves as director, advisor and investor to a number of national security technology businesses, including Fortress,
Coalfire, Secured Communications, Infozen, ID Experts, Prove and ClearForce. He remains active in several organizations including Freedom House (Executive Board Member), National Association of Corporate Directors (Fellow), Council of International Investigators (Certified), National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE),
American Society for Intelligence Officers and the International Association for Chiefs of Police. Mr. Willox possesses a Top Secret Clearance.